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Hockey rules.

Yep, these rules are going to make the game even faster and more exciting, with many 2-man down power plays. It should have my heart pumping thoughout the game with all the scoring opportunities. I don't think the players that have been around for a long time will grasp these rules because they, according to the league, they've been getting away with murder. And, yes, Pronger will suck with about 500 PIM because he's so thick that he will cross-check on every play and be called for it. So he's even (if it's possible) more worthless than ever.

posted by ccdistancerunner at 06:59 PM on September 08, 2005

Gonchar goes to the Pens

Yes!!! The Blues are finally rid of Pronger. We can now have a Stanley Cup season while watching the Oliers not win a game. This news brightened up my entire day.

posted by ccdistancerunner at 01:40 PM on August 03, 2005

A few words from a class act

It's nice to see a player who's not bitter over being moved out of a team after such a long time with it. It's extremely refreshing.

posted by ccdistancerunner at 06:53 PM on July 30, 2005

To buy out or not buy out

Who ever wants Pronger, take him and build your team around him. See where it gets you. Nowhere. Maybe then the Blues will have a winning season. We need to keep Doug and Keith because they are the best two players on the team and we wouldn't be anywhere without them.

posted by ccdistancerunner at 11:05 PM on July 26, 2005