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The debate continues over Europe's greatest soccer players.

Ronaldinho is without a doubt the best in Europe there's no question about that but trying to determine a 2nd and 3rd is difficult for anyone despite whatever team your a fan of. I know its off subject but Brazil would look like a beatable team without Ronaldinho because Henry and Shevenchenko are more than a match for Ronaldo (especialy with the way madrid is playing and his constant injuries) and Adriano (who hasn't convinced me that he's a great player) and as far as Kaka and Emerson. I would Prefer Gerrard and Lampard over these two any day. and Lets face it Cafu and Roberto Carlos won't be around forever. Terry, Crouch, Puyol and even Ferdinand and Campbell all look better than Brazil's next Gen. Defenders such as Alex, Lucio, and Roque. lol i know of subject but i think it was worth mentioning.

posted by J3sUsD at 11:39 PM on January 16, 2006

Champions League draw: EPL champs Chelsea vs El rey de la Liga Barcelona.

No i don't have one but i will get one thanks for the info "billsaysthis"

posted by J3sUsD at 07:33 PM on December 17, 2005

Champions League draw: EPL champs Chelsea vs El rey de la Liga Barcelona.

these are intresting matches hears how I think its going to be Barcelona beats Chelsea (only if Ronaldinho, Messi, Eto are at there best) Arsenal beats Real Madrid (tough one to call right now cuz i haven't seen how the new manager plays) Juventus beats Werder Bremen (this is logical) AC Milan beats Bayern Munich (that is if Ballack Leaves) Lyon beats PSV (close match but Lyon pulls through) Inter beats Ajax ( Inter is starting to gain steam) Liverpool beats Benfica (the only teams that are going to beat these guys are Juve, Barca, Lyon) Villareal beats Rangers (Two boring matches)

posted by J3sUsD at 09:29 PM on December 16, 2005

USA qualifies for World Cup 2006.

man it sucks my team lost but i have to give props to the US they played a solid game and they looked very impresive I think its now going to be a Fact of The CONCACAF that Mexico can't Be Beaten at Home and Now Neither Can The US. Congratulations to all americans, now lets see if the rest of the country sees that The US does have an impressive soccer team that deserves to have way more support from its people.

posted by J3sUsD at 06:01 PM on September 04, 2005

U.S.A. soccer fans (and anyone else who's interested) unite!

I'm Mexican and I Know How Important this match is to both countries i just don't see how Most Americans Don't Support thier National Team it is Diffinatly One of The Best Teams in The World. To Me This Match is a Win Win Situation If Mexico wins Great cuz well I'm Mexican but if the US wins its great cuz maybe more Americans will see that Their Team is The Real Deal and Hopefully Soccer Will Grow in This Country. I now Have Two Teams I'm Rooting For in The World Cup Mexico and USA. Go CONCACAF lol

posted by J3sUsD at 09:53 PM on August 29, 2005

USA better than England.

Mexico has a way to go but i can see why their ahead of the US they have improved dramatically with their argentine coach they've had bumps on the road mostly due to off court problems ex. Hugo Sanchez, but the US has also become a world power recently i think this is good for CONCACAF

posted by J3sUsD at 09:00 PM on July 20, 2005