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Officials Overturn Call; Redskins Trademark Might Be Sacked

Way too much whineing going on in this world today about any little thing that someone doesnt like! Its always someone elses "fault" or "its not fair" or something. There's a ton of crap that bothers me and everyone else in this world but what a waste of time it would be to cry about all of it, please. I'm sure we would all benefit if the time and energy wasted on what the over whelming majority of people would consider "petty" and spend it with your family, mostly being there for your children while there growing up,which is when they need you the most and so you can guide them and instill in them what they need to learn to become productive citizen instead of a destructive one chances are we will all benefit from that much more.

posted by triipn at 11:53 PM on July 17, 2005