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Strike Averted!

jasonbondshow: I'd second your premonition(s), but for the $100 million lawsuit filed by the former Expos ownership group against MLB, Mr Selig, Mr Loria, and Mr Samson. No way this team is going anywhere while that's still in the courts.

posted by CapnSwing at 12:21 PM on August 30, 2002

Strike Averted!

For this Montreal Expos fan, it's a good news/bad news type of deal: Sure, the deal reportedly promises no contraction before 2006, but pointedly makes no reference -- at least in what's been reported -- to relocation. Good news: Looks like I'll be buying tix to the home opener next spring. Bad news: How many more?

posted by CapnSwing at 11:28 AM on August 30, 2002

Russia threatens to pull out of the Olympics

"I can understand why the Russians are getting a little antsy." Huh? I can't. According to my score, the Russians were bending elbows to get their pairs the gold and their star X-country skiier was caught with an elevated red blood cell level, almost certainly from the use of EPO. While I doubt the Russians are the only dirty team at these games, I find it laughable that they can seriously get up there and say their honour is assaulted when all that has happened is that they have been caught cheating. Anyhoo, if they do pack up and leave, that just means one less good team between the canadian men's hockey team and the gold.

posted by CapnSwing at 01:12 PM on February 22, 2002