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the big issue, was not about fia not accomodating michelin. it is that michelin dropped the ball. bridgestone has been struggling all season to come up with a tire that will do the job all season. ferrari, jordan, and monarti all have suffered in the making of the new tire. bridgestone finally got it right and because michelin screwed up, yes i said screwed up, they wanted to be catered to. i understand the position that fia faced. unfortunately, the real losers in the whole deal was the fans. how many people took vacations and spent a lot of money just to be there and to see the race. unfortunately for them the race was not what it was supposed to be. yet, i have to say that i am greatly disappointed in many of the fans, those that threw debris on the track. not only did they put the lives of the racers in danger but they made all americans look bad to other nations for we all know that this was televised to many other nations. i also felt that michael schumacher and ruben barrinchello were not treated fairly when they were boo'd from many spectators. all they did was their job, yes their job, one that they both do very well. in closing i would like to say good job to all the drivers who competed yesterday. to michelin, buck up and get a grip. to fia, hopefully in the future things can go smoother. to the drivers that did not race, i am sorry you were put in the middle, and to all of the fans, don't be discouraged, there is always next year and by then hopefully we can all look back on this in a different light.

posted by ynot at 10:58 AM on June 20, 2005