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Lance Armstrong Denies Report that he took EPO

drezdn: no bad intended. the whole thing has been a bit swirled in the brain. on the other hand, squealy: should we be surprised that europeans don't like it when an american kicks their tails seven years in a row in the top event of a sport that is very popular in europe and not popular at all in the united states? please, squealy. imagine what you all would think if we started winning the world cup soccer/football every year! (note: i don't expect that to happen.) although the usa basketball squad finally got spanked in the olympics, we didn't accuse the victorious argentians of doping, wearing illegal super-lift shoes, tugging down american shorts during action, and other ludicrous things. no, we got our butts beat at a sport we invented and have dominated for years and years. (note: i have always thought that our college players should represent the usa in the olympics, like it was until the "dream team.")

posted by ramon at 09:02 PM on August 26, 2005

Will Tiger Woods Beat Snead's Record

i think tiger has a better chance of breaking jacks' major record than snead's pga record. (i'm not saying he'll do that; jack's record, as well as his long list of second places, is incredible.) why? as someone pointed out, focus. the pga weeklies don't matter nearly as much as the big four. i can see tiger keeping focused on the majors for years to come, years after he loses interest in the weeklies.

posted by ramon at 11:22 PM on August 25, 2005

Harris Poll / Does anyone really care?

err (haha), three wild cards ...

posted by ramon at 09:30 PM on August 25, 2005

Harris Poll / Does anyone really care?

college football was great, but i have, over the past 10 years or so, paid less and less attention to it. why? until there's a playoff of at least the top eight teams, it's a joke. an eight-team tourney would be easy ... the winners of the sec, pac 10, big 12, big 10, and acc, as well as two "wild cards" ... talk about TV ratings!

posted by ramon at 09:29 PM on August 25, 2005

Will The Phoenix Suns Be Any Good?

i like the suns: good characters, etc. but let's not talk about a title until we see grit and floor burns. the suns, to date, are far too open-court, free-flowing to win a title. they are supremely talented and enjoyable to watch. but no chance at a title, unless they achieve the aforementioned terms: grit and floor burns.

posted by ramon at 09:26 PM on August 25, 2005

Lance Armstrong Denies Report that he took EPO

in contrast, mayerkyl knows his EPO!

posted by ramon at 09:20 PM on August 25, 2005

Lance Armstrong Denies Report that he took EPO

to drezdn: no, you are incorrect. samples are NOT stored to test later. that is utterly INCORRECT. in fact, for such samples to be tested, two criteria must be met: 1) the findings CANNOT be made public; and 2) you MUST have the approval of the person tested. obviously, neither of these criteria was met--whether the samples were manipulated or not. moral of the story: drezdn, learn the rules before you challenge lance.

posted by ramon at 09:19 PM on August 25, 2005

Lance Armstrong Denies Report that he took EPO

i think qbert72 has been smoking EPO. qbert72/dude, do you really think a press corps that has tried to tear down lance for seven years (aka, that of france) is now somehow trustworthy ... having tried to ambush him again? pass qbert72 the EPO bong (again).

posted by ramon at 09:15 PM on August 25, 2005

Lance Armstrong Denies Report that he took EPO

pardon my french, but the french are lying assholes.

posted by ramon at 09:06 PM on August 25, 2005

Detroit is the best sports town in America

mitch albom the sports writer: grade A. mitch albom the author of schlocky short books: grade D-.

posted by ramon at 04:41 PM on August 07, 2005

Larry Brown announces this will be his last coaching stop

this is larry brown's last stop? could be, only because it's the big apple. after the nyc press eviscerates brown (after either not making the playoffs for years to come or getting drubbed in the first round), larry may have had enough ... and he can then retire and hide away, and then we can all look back at a great, great coach (which he is) who craved attention and the spotlight as much as any hollywood starlet wannabe ever. best of lucky to larry in nyc. it won't be pretty.

posted by ramon at 04:30 PM on August 07, 2005

Lance Armstrong wins seventh straight Tour de France

lance is awesome. he's certainly one of the greatest athletes of all time, right up there with ali, jordan, gretzky, and pele. seven tour de france victories ... for an AMERICAN ... after having CANCER. if it were fiction, i wouldn't believe it. sometimes reality is better than fiction. congrats to lance ... and screw the french press for trying to undermine lance for the past few years with ludicrous accusations. damn 'em. vive armstrong!

posted by ramon at 09:44 PM on July 24, 2005

"I'm an animal? You're an animal Larry!"

to: larry brown fr: a piston fan thanks for the championship, larry. now, have fun on your return to moving about without much direction, from team to team to team. i do thank you--you led my superstar-less pistons to a title and then to another championship series. i never expected anything like that. the triumph over the lakers a year ago was something of myth. but let me this: you will not be a good GM, nor will you enjoy it. you have been prone to tossing players into the dog house, and you've never been a good judge of talent, nor a patient one ... though you are a darn good coach. best of luck--but it'll be good for everyone involved ... my pistons need less drama from a coach and a few shifts in players to try to upgrade for years to come. i wish you the best, especially in terms of your health. piston fan

posted by ramon at 08:22 PM on July 18, 2005

Clueless Lakers

the big loss was jerry west. he was THE laker ... he played there ... as a champion ... later, as gm, he created a championship team there, with kareem and magic. and, after not much of a lull, he had a new championship team in place, with shaq daddy and kobe. when buss "traded" west, he traded the heart of the lakers. phil jackson: yes, he can win when he has the best talent in the league. he has done it twice, in chicago and then LA. but he has never won with average talent, so let's cut the slams on larry brown, who just took a team with no superstar to the finals two years in a row, the first time drubbing a lakers team that had four superstars. i agree that LA should not have taken a high schooler ... how many years will phil be with the lakers? three, maybe. so why not get a player who can play now, instead of one who may be damn good in a few years? after a few stupendous moves in recent years (see above, plus, of course, jettisoning shaq to the east), what would be a wise move for the lakers? to "trade" kupchak. the guy has NEVER made a good move as the gm. maybe i'm wrong. but what was the good move? getting age-wearied karl malone and gary payton? that sure worked ... ha. the lakers need to dump kupchak and get a point guard and a rebounder.

posted by ramon at 12:02 PM on June 30, 2005

Robert Horry... Fraud?

In response to two ridiculous pro-Horry comments: bluekarma wrote: "Horry is known and will become mythical over the years as that kind of player (one prone to clutch performances in the playoffs)." PLEASE, BLUE: "MYTHICAL" ... WHAT NBA PLAYERS, OF ANY ERA, WOULD LIVE UP TO A TERM LIKE "MYTHICAL"? CERTAINLY NOT BOB HORRY. zippinglou wrote: "Without him, many of these Championship teams wouldn't have won it ..." PLEASE, ZIP ... "MANY" ... NO, TWO--AND TWO IS NOT MANY. THE TWO? THIS YEAR'S SPURS AND THE LAKERS TEAM THAT EDGED THE KINGS TO MOVE ON TO THE FINALS. THAT'S TWO--NOT MANY. THE OTHER FOUR "HORRY" TEAMS THAT WON TITLES (HOUSTON TWICE AND THE LAKERS TWICE) WOULD HAVE WON THE TITLES WHETHER THEY HAD BOB HORRY OR BOB HOPE COMING OFF THE BENCH.

posted by ramon at 09:02 PM on June 27, 2005