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Pistons Step in Pile of Manu

I'm tired of all this crap about the Spurs-Pistons series being boring and poor ratings garbage. These are two of the best matched teams in recent NBA finals history. You have the 2 best defensive players in the league-Wallace and Bowen. Two of the best back courts in the league if not the best in Hamilton/Billups and Parker/Manu. What is wrong with good fundamental basketball with great coaching? We have been blinded by all the glitz and glamour of the NBA. Thats not to say that there wasn't excitement in the game. The Spurs fought off an early 17-4 deficit and the game had plenty of excitement and great shots-did you miss billups immobilize Horry with the behind the back fake? I for one can't wait for game 2. Go Spurs Go!

posted by H-Town at 08:08 AM on June 11, 2005