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Holy Sports Batman. Jesus was your coach too?!?

As a Pastor & Sunday school teacher & Pee-Wee football coach, I have had the conversation with my boys on several occasions. Which prayer does Jesus answer: Lord after i snap the ball let me get a good enough angle on th mlb so that the tb can make the corner!:Lord don't let me get caught looking & let that oc get the angle on me & miss a tackle! I tell them he might want you to handle this one on your own, so buckle up & hit someone so hard that their blowing snot-bubbles! Do the Hari-Krishnas ask for help with Pencil sales & over zealous airport security? Pastor Paul Adams

posted by OKLAHOMAMOSES at 11:56 AM on May 14, 2005

"It's pretty disrespectful"

Thats all we need is a law or policey mandating that a kid be forced to do something that they or their parents are against. My senior year i forfieted my state title match, packed my bags & went home because a state official referee told me i could not compete in the title match until i shaved off my facial hair! The beard had not been a problem during 4yrs of sports & a record of 71-9. State rules say i can forfiet any match,period,for any reason, it,s just not any of their business. Fat,ugly,gay,black,brown,yellow,white or red, BTW which i am (tsa la gi) smells good, smells bad, maybe i have IBS & am afraid i will crap my pants, it's still none of your concern! Take your forfiet & your jock strap,(who really knows) and load your whining ass back on the bus & go home! Train hard & beat the the next poor bastard that will be scarred for life from the ridicule & stigma of being physically beat up by the feminine side. Hey lets be real here, pyschos & abusers are made not born! Paul T Adams

posted by OKLAHOMAMOSES at 11:21 AM on May 14, 2005