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"It's pretty disrespectful"

Funny, all your rants about how intolerant and ingnorant ALL religious people are and yet, still, you make statements of the same nature ABOUT all people who make religion important in their life. Personally, I don't really like wrestling period. But that's just an opinion. If a girl had been playing for an opposing football team, I would not have cared, wouldn't have been afraid to tackle or run her over. Would you make the same blanket statements if a Muslim boy said he wasn't allowed to wrestle a girl because his religion said not to? But because the boys are Christians and might feel uncomfortable (for whatever reason) you feel they are somehow less enlightened than you are. And then, HAL, you enourage behavior that objectifies the girls and treats them as "play things" to fondle instead of showing them respect? How enlightened is THAT statement? And what about the argument that no matter what the boy does, he loses? If he beats the girl, or even worse, dominates her, people say "big deal, she's a girl". But if he LOSES? Can you imagine having lost to a girl while YOU were in High School? I do not know what the final answer is, but it is definitely not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Title IX is a great law but it has been used in ways the authors never intended. And if these schools "hated" women, would it not be more likely that the boys would get out on the mat and try to hurt these girls? Careful with the words you throw around...

posted by JustADude at 11:37 AM on May 13, 2005

Student sues, left off volleyball team

Sadly, this is an incomplete story that was posted just to generate this kind of discussion. The reporter did not answer any of the questions I have. A- Size and affluence of the school. B- Policy regarding participation on JV TEAM. C- Student's athletic history. D- School's current compliance record with Title IV. With just a little web search, I found that Grand Junction High School DOES have a JV Volleyball team, and even a Freshman team. Now, back in the day, when I played, a SENIOR was not generally allowed to play on the Junior Varsity team because it is treated as a developmental team, not a place for Seniors who can't make the "A" team. You knew that as a Freshman and definitely knew that as a Senior. But I cannot say what Grand Junction's policy is, as I am not a reporter, just a reader. I feel the reporter could at least have made a call or two. BTW, since when does "opportunity"--which was provided by the tryout--mean guaranteed participation? I am not making a statement about Title IX, because I support it and believe all honest efforts must be made. But to automatically assume that the school district is out of compliance (or for that matter, in compliance) is not for us to say, since we aren't there. This is an incomplete story that should have been rejected by the editor. It does answer, albeit minimally, the big "W" questions, it does not place them in context nor provide anything more than basic information. THIS is the problem with internet reporting because everyone is in a race to make a splash with their news. SI, a page I LOVE, should do a better job of making sure the story is fully vetted. But that's just THIS reader's opinion. What do I know...

posted by JustADude at 09:15 AM on May 04, 2005