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Why Grantland Rice Sucked

It isn't quite fair to demonize Rice based on an early minor league account, though. I can understand the huge generation gap in his writing - the " purple prose" that does not quite translate to todays readers. The hyperbole that really lays it on thick. Comparing a sporting event to specific historical battles and the majesty of nature....well, probably a little thoughtless regarding men going to war literally, but culteral sensitivity was not as evoved as it is now, for sure. The author was absolutely dead on when mentioning Rice mythologized players. It is without a doubt this mythology that makes the era so magical, applying both to the readers who could not attend to those who could and read about it afterword. It is impossible to create this mythology today. With 24 hr. media coverage in every form possible to live on in perpetuity. You can't make any legends from the instant gatification achieved daily in this Sports Age. Can't mythologize what you can see on thier own reality show or recieve tweets from. So, props to Rice - and lets not forget Damon Runyon - for his reign at the table of his era, forgiving outlandish digressions and ridiculous hyperbole. ...unless somebody posted that 1923 Yale vs Princeton game on YouTube.

posted by puppeluv at 03:24 PM on June 15, 2011