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Tony Sparano Is Overmatched

Parcells was a good HC. He sucked as a head of football operations and he's the main reason the Dolphins are going down in flames. He hired the vastly under qualified Sparano. He hired Ireland. He chose a tackle with the #1 pick in the draft instead of a potential franchise QB. And then he ran away in the middle of the night so he wouldn't get the blame.

posted by Bruce007 at 01:18 PM on October 20, 2011

Pittsburgh Pirates, First Place Appear in Same Sentence

The 1992 team finished atop the National League East.

posted by Bruce007 at 02:02 AM on July 20, 2011

Can the Yankees Be Stopped?

This isn't accurate. MLB charges free-spending teams for every dollar above the Luxury Tax threshold and then sends that money back to small-market teams. Putting the lie to the idea that baseball's problem is simply one of economic inequity, some owners (KC, MIN, FLA) have often spent less on salaries than they receive in revenue sharing.

Only a handful of teams have paid any luxury tax. You simply cannot compare this to the NFL's actual revenue sharing. And the NFL has a salary cap on top of that. This is why you don't see teams in the NFL selling off their top players to the highest bidder as you do in MLB. Once great baseball cities like Pittsburgh and Cincinnati have become strangers to the post season and do not have a good reason or opportunity to compete for the best.

In any event, I specifically pointed out that spending a lot of money will not guarantee you a championship. My point was that given MLB's financial structure, why wouldn't teams in New York, Boston and L.A. spend like they do?

posted by Bruce007 at 10:47 PM on October 21, 2009

Can the Yankees Be Stopped?

Whether you win because you have a great farm system or a big checkbook doesn't matter. What matters is this is the way the game is played. Crying about the Yankees "buying" a championship makes as much sense as crying about only getting 3 outs an inning.

The NFL can support small market teams like Green Bay because the guys who set up that league set up a revenue sharing system that supports these smaller city teams. MLB did not. So, each year Pittsburgh holds a fire sale and each year New York and Boston take advantage of it. How can you blame them?

And before you drone on about how smaller markets have won championships in the latter stages of the free agency years, remember again that this is besides the point. It can be done without big spending, but as long as Boston can buy Curt Schilling and New York can buy A-Rod, why shouldn't they?

posted by Bruce007 at 04:14 PM on October 21, 2009