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Jordan's Night to Remember Turns Petty

jordan is who he is. a competitive guy who never forgave a slight, held grudges and it fueled his ascension to the top. he is the G.O.A.T. No one else could've gotten away with that speech, its pettiness, unflattering words, recriminations except for jordan. people knew him as this. for all those looking for the real man, this really was it. if there was anything deeper it was wiped out by years of carrying these grudges. even to his children he can't help but showing ego.

it doesn't change much, his legacy has been seared into memory long ago, long before this decade with the wizards.

of the 4 other guys, he also sounded the least educated in his delivery, style, and language. seems like a guy who got stuck in those yrs and could never grow beyond the game (although to be fair, i doubt the game will grow beyond him).

would've liked to hear him mention his personal trainer and more thoughtful words on phil jackson and some other teammates but they were only his "supporting cast." he owed words to a coddling media whom he never forgave for the gambling allegations (true).

i still love him and part of me growing up will always be loyal to the memory but for those who have not witnessed it firsthand--which is sort of the purpose of these historic look backs and remembrances--he will be poorer for it i think.

posted by besdayz at 12:56 AM on September 19, 2009