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You Stay Classy, Cubs Fans: Perhaps upset by his jack earlier in the game, an enterprising bleacher bum tosses a beer on Shane Victorino as he snags a pop fly on the warning track. More importantly, future Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez gets the win in his first major league start since September of last year.

posted by SpiffyRob to baseball at 08:15 AM on August 13, 2009 - 32 comments

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Punter Hits Telemanjaro at First Cowboys Game in New Stadium

Also worth mentioning: Telemanjaro is non-operational when raised to its "U2" height. So raising it to that height during games would render it useless.

posted by SpiffyRob at 11:17 AM on August 26, 2009

You Stay Classy, Cubs Fans

Pedro was much, much sharper than I expected him to be. His velocity is obviously down, but the lowered arm angle gave his fastball some nasty English. A couple more starts to find his groove and he could be a major factor down the stretch. The Phillies look very strong.

posted by SpiffyRob at 08:07 AM on August 14, 2009

You Stay Classy, Cubs Fans

Wow, I can't believe Deadspin used the same headline as me.

I mean, I can, but good times.

But yes, that Mexico story is much worse.

posted by SpiffyRob at 01:14 PM on August 13, 2009

Want to Get Away from Baseball?

1.2 miles from Wrigley Field, so, 9.2 miles away from Major League Baseball at US Cellular.


posted by SpiffyRob at 08:46 AM on August 11, 2009

Ortiz and Ramirez Said to Be on 2003 Doping List

individual(s) that felt the need to leak these names for whatever purpose will be going to jail once it's found out who exactly is leaking this information.

If it's found out. Not once.

And I think it's pretty naive to think that names won't continue to be leaked. MLBPA has the power to ease the burden placed on a few by sharing it among the many.

Of course it's illegal to be leaking this stuff. Releasing the list is the only way to stop it that I can see.

posted by SpiffyRob at 01:09 PM on August 05, 2009

Ortiz and Ramirez Said to Be on 2003 Doping List

Well, sure, that argument would be watertight if names hadn't already been leaked, but (probably) most of the big ones already have. (Canseco's Hall of Famer claims notwithstanding.) Isn't it a bit like trying to get the cows back in the barn at this point? Do we really want whatever assholes are leaking these to keep dangling that over us for who knows how many years to come?

Also: My desire to see the full list released has nothing to do with outrage, and nothing to do with me feeling like I have the right to know. It's simply a question of getting it all out so we can move on. It's clear nobody's going to be punished for appearing on the list, thanks to the A-Rod precedent, so continuing to hold the names back at this point just stretches out this blight on baseball. If the list actually was confidential, it should stay that way. Since it's not, it should be done like a Band-Aid: RIGHT OFF!

posted by SpiffyRob at 12:39 PM on August 05, 2009

Ortiz and Ramirez Said to Be on 2003 Doping List

Doug Glanville is just wrong. Not to be glib, but "Oh, think of the poor players who only agreed to the test because they thought it would be confidential!" isn't a very convincing argument. The fallout from their positive tests would be decidedly muted, given the number of names and the fact that we've likely seen some of the biggest ones already. It would be a pretty minor punishment given that they, you know, deliberately broke the rules.

posted by SpiffyRob at 09:34 AM on August 05, 2009

The best player from EA Sports' NHLPA '93 calls it quits

16 years ago? Good lord am I old.


posted by SpiffyRob at 12:07 AM on August 05, 2009

Weekend Buzz: Strong acquisitions put BoSox, Phils ahead

I'm friends with Masterson's cousin, and was really pumped when the Sox signed him. I, too, think he's a better pitcher than Buchholz, and I'm sad to see him go, but he'll almost certainly get a better shot for The Tribe.

The Sox definitely made a big move with V-Mart, and his early impact has been huge in turning around team/fan morale heading into what may be the most important week of the Sox season. (Two in Tampa, 4 in NY.) That said, they've got serious, serious problems beyond Lester/Beckett, and the 18-run explosion against Baltimore/4-game win streak notwithstanding, their offense has been pretty lethargic. I'm hoping that this past weekend is the start of a turnaround, but time will tell.

posted by SpiffyRob at 01:04 PM on August 04, 2009