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Whether he retired or was fired, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is officially no longer with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Tebow threw for 316 yards on less than 50% completion rate and 80 of those 316 came on the final play of the game. Again...too big a cushion allowed by the secondary, 4 yard pass, 76 yard run, game over.

posted by fyredawgb at 11:07 AM on January 23, 2012

Whether he retired or was fired, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is officially no longer with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Have to lay the blame squarely on the defense for the Steelers exit against Denver. To be more exact and a lot more fair, I have to let the Secondary shoulder about 95% of the blame...Coaching staff gets the other 5%. The beat up D line and the linebackers played the game plan out pretty well. They filled gaps, stayed at home and forced Tebow, for the most part, to stay in the backfield and beat them with his arm. Had the Secondary played tight man coverage like they were supposed to AND HAD to, the outcome would have been much different. That's what it takes to beat Tim Tebow and the Broncos. You CANNOT let him out of the backfield to beat you with his legs and if you cover his receivers with tight man coverage he will throw picks or errant incompletions. The Steelers Secondary allowed big cushions on his receivers and he made enough of the throws he needed to make. Unless Elway gets Tebow lined out and throwing better during the off-season, Denver is going to need a QB or have a really bad year next season.

posted by fyredawgb at 11:03 AM on January 23, 2012

Giants, Patriots in Super Rematch

The snap for Cundiff's miss wasn't spectacular but his holder did a good enough job to get it down and not have him kicking the laces. He should have adapted and overcome the bobble but he just flat got over the top of it and pull hooked it just like a bad golf shot.

posted by fyredawgb at 10:43 AM on January 23, 2012

Giants, Patriots in Super Rematch

@Debo270.....exactly why he was shuffled out of Dallas. He is a lifetime 76% kicker. Missed 2 critical kicks against Carolina that cost him his job in the Big D. He has been with 9 NFL teams since 2002 and 5 of those were as off season acquisitions to compete against incumbant kickers or on their practice squads. 3 out of 4 doesn't sound all that bad does it? Take that times 10.......30 out of 40...averaging 10 missed FG's a season...bound to cost you some wins and it bit the Ravens yesterday.

posted by fyredawgb at 10:39 AM on January 23, 2012

Giants, Patriots in Super Rematch

Scully, Did you actually watch the Giants-49ers game? Big props to Eli's Offensive line for giving him time to throw? Really? Was it 6 or did it end up being 7 sacks? The last time he was plowed down he jumped up adjusting his helmet because of a chin strap that was around his nose and called timeout. I don't know how many times he was hurried or knocked down along with all the sacks. He had a ball batted out of his hand. His O-line got shoved around all day long. I'd lay money on Eli being pretty black and blue this morning. That was a very KC Chiefesque performance by his line yesterday. Extremely lucky to come out with the W.

posted by fyredawgb at 10:25 AM on January 23, 2012

NASCAR's Mayfield fails second test for methamphetamines

It means he can piss away what little money he has left trying to slither out of the clusterfuck he's gotten himself into. I watched one of my buddies go from homeowner, with a great job, benefits, retirement plan, badass boat, badass truck, 8 second drag bike, knockout girlfriend, have it all for the taking to a sell everything I own, living in this POS that I bought for 200.00, no job, no nothing but my meth pipe and my meth smoking buddies. A year and a half later he was dead from the toll that shit takes on your body. Pull your head out Jeremy it's not too late to save face, career and possibly your life.

posted by fyredawgb at 07:15 AM on July 17, 2009

NASCAR's Mayfield fails second test for methamphetamines

Sorry Jeremy, I don't believe you any more. Prove us all wrong. Bring your attorney to the track and pull a couple of random fans to witness you providing a sample. Have it tested on the spot with a kit from CVS. Results in less than 10 minutes and over 99% accurate. Have B sample sent to lab for confirmation. Do it every week you want to race. Do it pre and post race. YOU have a lot to prove now because the evidence is overwhelmingly against you!

posted by fyredawgb at 01:51 PM on July 16, 2009