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Religious Professor: Soccer is Ruining America

This guy is an intelectual idiot I would say a term I really want to say but the language would probalby not be appropriate. I am so sick of the people who slam what is the most athletic sport in the world. Plus just because a sport is low scoring does not make it boring. If scoring is what makes a sport exciting than why is Cricket not the most popular sport in America? I think part of the professors problem is he would not be able to play soccer and could not take the work that it takes to play soccer (or football as it would be more properly called). I ran on the cross country team in high school and ran marathons in college and the only time I would be worn out in phys ed class is when we played soccer. Plus his arguments are really stupid. What does politics have to do with anything in sports plus it appears most peoples problem with soccer is one it did not come from the US and two the embarassment of us calling a game football when you rarely use your feet while the rest of the world actually calss a game football where you use your feet. Also if only American invited sports are worthwhile then Volleyball must be the greatest game in the world since it is the only purely widley played American invitied Sport. Baseball derived from an English game called rounders. American Footbal derived from Rugby and Basketball was invented by a Candaian.

posted by frankk55 at 03:36 AM on March 14, 2009