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Entire Soccer Crowd Sings National Anthem

That's not bad. Now if they can do that during the game, seemingly spontaneous, then we've really got something.

....but it's the first home game. I dig.

posted by Mobley at 05:19 PM on April 16, 2011

Pro Sports Teams Find Religion

A "bullcrap" night for the non-believers!!

posted by Mobley at 11:39 PM on April 08, 2011

Boston Red Sox off to worst start since World War II

I have to imagine they're going to be fine. There is just way too much talent there to not make the playoffs.

That's what they said about the 08 Tigers after they lost their first 6 games.

posted by Mobley at 10:32 PM on April 07, 2011

Argentina Meets Germany, Paraguay Meets Spain

Is John Harkes the best ESPN can do?? It's bad enough he rarely knows what he's talking about, but the guy is constantly shoving his nonsensical ramblings in between Ian Darke's calls. As a result, the broadcast sounds like there's two leads calling the game. What happened to Marcelo Balboa?? Sure, he wasn't the greatest as the 2nd guy either, but he's much easier to take and from what I remember he managed to make sense.

It looks like he's gonna get top billing for the final sitting next to the Pat Summerall-esque Martin Tyler. Damn shame. Tyler is brilliant in the broadcast booth. Allowing the picture to tell the story, while Harkes' pubescent voice completely muddles it up.

posted by Mobley at 04:56 PM on July 03, 2010

Africa’s Last World Cup Hope Is Ghana

Both teams look tired as all hell. These last 15 minutes have been sluggish to say the least.

posted by Mobley at 04:13 PM on June 26, 2010