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Report: Brady's Injury Torn ACL

I have him on my fantasy team but I have secondary quarterback. You have to draft knowing defenses target quarterbacks of his quality.

Here is a thought for all you rugby players and retired rugby players.

The moronic play by play announcers chronicall y misusing the term scrum as in rugby scrum. These announcer beleive they hip and up to date but are the most non qualified announcers because they do not research their work.

They most disgustedly mistake this terminology for the action they report aand we watch are actual rugby rucks where the player is tackled and the ball is contestable. Players jump in to control the ball which is controlled or not controlled by the pplayer tackled.

A rugby scrum isd an organized event due to minor infraction.

posted by tighthead at 10:14 PM on September 07, 2008