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Pitcher really don't like an ump? Have your catcher duck and hit him in the face!

I played baseball from the time I was 9 years old up through High School as a pitcher. I do know that once in a while I would lose control of a toss and I would earn an error. My specialty was the curve ball and I had control of it when I was in Jr. High. By the time I was in High School I had good aim and could throw to the target, the catcher's mit. I admit that I did not always agree with the Ump, but I didn't try to bean him in the noggin, which is directly tied to the coach. My coach would pull us if we started to lose our cool, because he know we weren't of any use if we could concentrate on the game or our pitches. These kids were frustrated and I would have been also losing at that point of the game. The ball the kid threw was a curve ball but was thrown too high. I think the penality they earned is appropriate. The Umpire though, if all he got was a headache, should be glad that it wasn't a fastball and about 2-3 inches lower. I'm not agreeing to what the kids did which is obvious when watching the catcher who started to put his mit up but quickly pulled it down when he dropped to his knees. I would focus on the coach not the players. My old coach wouldn't have placed us on the bench permanently for trying to hurt someone, rather he would have kicked us off the team. Did the coach try to cool down the little hot heads or let them be because they were Star-players? If he did nothing and just let things be; he should be coaching T-Ball, not High school baseball.

posted by JFWest at 06:31 PM on June 19, 2008