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NBA Trademarks 6 Possible names for Oklahoma's team...

How about the "OKC Larceny," "OKC Bandits," or the "OKC Asphyxiate-In-Your-Sleep-Clay Bennett," but my favorite is the SEATTLE SUPERSONICS.

posted by NW_Die_Hard at 10:54 AM on July 27, 2008

Bill Bavasi, helping:

Oh, the pain is right. I would STILL take Tino Martinez TODAY at first over Richie Mendoza, uh, I mean Richie Sexon. I keep telling myself that there are only 94 games of Sexon induced agony left. Granted its unfair to put it all on one player when everyone and I do mean EVERYONE on the M's roster is failing themselves, their teammates, coaches, executives, & fans. I love the Mariners and always will but I definitely see a need to completely clean house. Start from the top down. Bavasi & Mclaren have to go. If McLaren is out, so are his staff. Then I'd pursue options for Washburn & Batista. Sexon is out after this year anyways. Vidro is completely inadequate as a DH. I like Betancourt but only every other day it seems like & maybe only for another season or two then bring on Carlos Triunfel. Ibanez is a great guy & good player but it's not too long now before his production falls below his pay grade. Cairo cannot be relied on for production when a regular needs a day off so he's gone too. With all of my amature personel decisions (frustrated complaints) out of the way, the rest of the responsibility falls to us as fans to fill the seats and show our team that we support them. We need Griffey. Bottom line. Does ownership want to see some seats filled? Junior. The answer is The Kid who's no longer a kid. We will never get the production that Griffey-The-Player-Of-The-90s provided us with but it would be a great nostalgic feeling. It forces us to think of the better times as Mariners fans. (Remember Junior sliding into home ahead of the throw to beat the Yankees in 95?) Just to see that sweet swing again would be a welcome veil over this abysmal season.

posted by NW_Die_Hard at 03:47 PM on June 05, 2008