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Dodgers beat Angels without a hit.

OK. Call it a no hitter if you want. But Weaver didn't pitch past the 6th, so if the comfort of saying I was part of a no hitter is needed, take it. It was an error by the pitcher that allowed the score. I would be more focused on the team loosing the ball game than saying the pitching was perfect.

posted by jmurphyin at 06:44 PM on June 30, 2008

Dodgers beat Angels without a hit.

To Hal Incandenza; Your question about it being a complete 9 inning game should be answered no. The Angels only pitched 8 innings, The Dodgers pitched 9. Who's to say if the Dodger's batted in the ninth that they would not have gotten a hit? I agree with the 'not a no-hitter' ruling, especially with the scoring error being made by the pitcher. The error could have been covered up better (and no hitter given) if the pitcher wouldn't have offered up a pitch that was able to be hit for a sacrifice fly to score.

posted by jmurphyin at 07:46 PM on June 29, 2008

The Best Homerun Story Ever

Drood, as a licensed sports official, I hate when people quote single articles from rule without knowing the full context of the rule book. Further reading would show that a hit ball not caught is awarded first base. Hitting the ball over the fence is not a 4 base award, but the runner can advance beyond first without assistance or interference. Hence the ruling on the field was correct. Supporting amatzek's post, it isn't about the rule book. Even in your scenario, the score would be creditied to the runner crossing home. The girl had not hit a home run in her career, ending in that moment, and good sportsmanship and humanity prevailed to give her what she deserved. Excellent story.

posted by jmurphyin at 07:00 PM on April 29, 2008