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Critics Go Ape Over LeBron James Magazine Cover

-- "Good job, Tyandtwenty, now there's gonna be some pissed off vikings. Round and round we go."-- You're right, Bo. It's as easy as that. Although.......the Scandinavians seem to be more interested in beating the world in hockey these days than Viking bravado and racism. Glad to see that people off of these coasts have their priorities straight.

posted by Tyandtwenty at 02:58 PM on March 27, 2008

Critics Go Ape Over LeBron James Magazine Cover

I'm struggling with this one. I've read, reread and rethought the notions I have on harbored racism within America. What brings me to my knees time and time again is the fact that this "racist" picture is able to provide a platform for this discourse - this seemingly waste of time, nonsense. How is it that a picture of arguably the best ball player in the world and arguably the best model in the world posing for a throwback (entirely obsolete, GERMAN propaganda) bringing this much alarm? Did I get enough emphasis on the German - thus not African oriented, there? Truly, if someone could enlighten me, perhaps even detail how this picture is a mockery of Black, or an undermining of White, or whatever the hell negative it's supposed to be, I would truly appreciate it. If the answer is comparing African to Ape, I will honestly boycott SpoFi forever. What if it were Dirk on that picture? In that sense perhaps someone could start playing the anti-german hate card or something. But damn, if I was the Darth Vader, or Genghis Kahn, or Megatron or King Kong of my sport, I would feel bad ass. I mean, how - amongst all the stupid, inane, and irrational thoughts out there, does Race even play a factor. "So he's Black, huh?" "Yeah, he's Black" "Oh!!!! That's why it's racist" Silly? Yeah it is, but that's the logic (or lack thereof) here. For real, isn't parody and mockery the best form of flattery? When did our culture lose its sense of humor? When did it stop being cool to be King - whether you're a James or a Kong? When did a piece of 1915 propaganda trash ever - EVER, become anything more than a piece of 1915 propaganda trash? The message that picture wants us to receive is this: LeBron James is King. Plain and simple. He kicks ass and takes names. Rapes and pillages - and does it looking good. Any questions? Put it this way - if I were in that picture with Rosie O'Donnell instead of Giselle, I would care only what the article said about ME. What I wouldn't give a half shit about is how the picture is going to be interpreted by all these pseudo intellects out there "deciphering" the "real" message, only to turn around and use it as their stage to get across their own counterproductive agendas. For those of you so called progressives out there: Stop doing cannonballs in the shallow end - it's becoming nauseating to watch the same dry, drab, and dull story run its pathetic course. Don't even get me started on that TW issue.

posted by Tyandtwenty at 01:04 PM on March 27, 2008