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Floyd Irons paid so they could play.

There is no door. Mr. Irons wasn't interested in the welfare of the players, only of how well his basketball team did. As you also indicated, academics is the primary function of the school system -- athletics should be a privelege extended to students in good standing and making significant progress toward a diploma. When players can't get into college because of a lack of basic education, it is the fault of the educational system and when these student/athletes continually fail to meet standards why isn't the coach, who not only played them, but may have put pressure on teachers to provide passing grades, held accountable? As stated previously, Mr. Irons doesn't care about students -- only athletes that can promote his agenda, which is him.

posted by stlalum at 06:11 PM on February 19, 2008

Floyd Irons paid so they could play.

No matter what anyone says, Mr. Irons was in coaching for Mr. Irons -- not for the kids. If he was so concerned about the young men in his program, he would have put a team on the court from the players at his school and used the money he spent on players from other school districts, for tutors and other educational assistance for the deserving players that were legitimate students at Vashon. He could have had a very positive affect on those actually attending school to learn and to play basketball -- the basis for student-athletes. Note: the word student comes first and the athlete is secondary. There is only one reason Mr. Irons spent the money on players from other school districts and it wasn't to help out a few young men who had a bad home life -- the reason was Mr. Irons' own ego.

posted by stlalum at 04:52 PM on February 19, 2008