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For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

Ok, being WVU Alumni and having my heart broken to many times when it comes to WVU football, this again was one of those moments. Rich I think you are one of the dirtiest rat bastard two face liars know to man. I truly hope that they ban you from the state. I hope that you have paid all of your taxes on the money you leave WV with. Leaving a team right before BCS bowl shows your caliber of a person, and how much your word really means, ZERO. Michigan, just watch yourselves because if a better team comes along, and there are better teams then you... You will feel the same issues. You may think you are a superpower in football, but you are like France when it comes to the actual amount of power you have. I though give Rich credit, except for the first year he really pulled this team together at WVU. We have a lot of national level talent. People might complain about schedules, but the big east is the only conference that has to play all of the members of the conference. Not just half of them, and then have no name teams like APP STATE (oh yeah the no name that knocked off the big M). People might say it is because other teams dropped out of the Big East, that has WVU looking strong. Miami, Virginia Tech, and BC are all probably wondering how they can get back into the Big East, because their ACC appearance sure has been weak. Again the attraction of Money, vs tradition, and hertitage. Well we replaced those teams with better teams, that are are new but sure are growing and strong USF, Louisville, and Cincinnati. Like all great Dynasties, they must come to an end. Now WVU losing to PITT, blame goes to Rich. The team was not prepared... Simple plain truth. They did not change up the runs to different players, poor Pat White looked like Major Harris out there. Slaton, Schmitt, Devon, and ect... why were they not give the ball to open the defense up... POOR COACHING!! Where you already thinking of the Big Blue versues the hopes for a national championship? Was this your plan to blow the game so you could get out of your contract and limp up to Michigan? Rich you suck. Now the biggest thing I truly think that needs to happen is the NCAA needs to step in and banned all talks with coaches/ coaching staff till the championship game is played. Plain Simple, and done. Any team caught talking to a coach before that game, even through contacts or agents would be bowl ineligible for 5 years! It is not fair to the players, students, alumni, and fans to allow this to go on and haunt teams when they are looking at bowl games. It effects the support and mind set of the players. I personally think that Oklahoma is going to kick the shit out of WVU at this point. I sure hate to see this, but just think what the players must feel like. They lost the biggest game of thier college career, and then their coach jumps ship. The fans and alumni are pissed, and are not traveling to the game, which is going to leave WVU in a horrible spot. You though look at LSU had to deal with this rumor this year, along with multiple other teams. It has to stop!!! NCAA you want to raise the bar of College sports, you need to put this change in, not only for football but all collegiate sports. You can not tell me that Rich in the past 15 days has been able to fix all of Mich woes, or even started to look at it. Has he recruited anyone? The fat bastard has purchased a new house and had some turkey, with family and cronies that tell him he did the right thing, when truly you know in your heart you are wrong! .... So I think for fairness to all schools there should be something done to when competing schools can talk and recruit coaches. Now for Rich, get the fuck out and do not let the door hit you in the ass. Do not think you are a West Virginian, because no West Virginian would have screwed his school and state like you did. We gave you more then what you should have had last year, and you being the fat bastard you are was greedy, and more greedy. I hate to say that every year I am now an Ohio State fan for at least one game a year. I hope you are on the street in 2 years wondering how you went from being a good coach to a no name. Your word means nothing, and you have been itching to leave for a long time. So get out and stay out, and I hope you get heckled every time you come back to the state, just because you are money hungry asshole! I hope some day soon WVU has the chance to play Michigan, because it will be a day of reckoning. Sasquatch Class of 92

posted by Wvusquatch at 01:30 PM on December 28, 2007