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How Do You Get to 16 - 0?

You'd think they cured cancer. Reason for 16-0 season is dedication, never say die attitude and cohesive team, with all fundamental down pat. Sprinkle in a few gimmes, some lucky breaks, and some half time video tape studying and you're exactly right. Hell, if there is a 0 in the loss column, some would call it perfect. I was accused in a another thread about the Pats of not backing my opinion up with facts, so here is a fact. Watch the Baltimore/Pats game again and you'll see what I mean. Rex Ryan beat Baltimore and the Pats got the W, that's a fact. So I guess he's perfect too.

posted by Footballcrew at 01:05 PM on January 03, 2008

Patriots are perfect 16-0

I stopped posting and this thread went to hell in a hand bag. "The main troll"? Read this pile of crap again and rework your rankings buddy.

posted by Footballcrew at 01:03 PM on January 03, 2008

Patriots are perfect 16-0

We can stop responding to him. He's done trolling, and I suspect he won't be back. WE? Did you just buy this site and tell all 15k members what to do? As far as the attacks, this post came first. Yeah, footballcrew, you're simply embarassing yourself at this point. Pathetic. you pretty much are a laughaby bitter fan of one of the other 29 teams spouting a lot of useless hot air. I responded to these attacks. Then you said, don't attack people because your opinion is challenged. Actually the opposite is happening. My opinion is different agree/disagree, like it/don't like it. Take a look back and see how many posts begin with, hey footballcrew---. Challenge my opinion all day, name calling is totally different. Troll, pathetic, a bitter fan spouting a lot of useless hot air, and even you respond with "weak". These types of personal comments useless bring about a personal response. If you re-read the thread you will discover these comments came before my "attacking" response. Careful Sportnut, you may be risking your account for mentioning the Ravens game.

posted by Footballcrew at 01:56 PM on December 30, 2007

Patriots are perfect 16-0

Yeah, footballcrew, you're simply embarassing yourself at this point. Pathetic. My man calm the fuck down with this BS. It's my opinion. You want me to change it for you? Look at the damn glossary you typed and I'm embarrassing myself? Calm down please, you're 16-0, you're the greatest ever. There will you sleep better at night now? Like I said, crazed soccer mob. I understand they're 16-0, I just happen to know they are not perfect (regardless of what ESPN says). Not 1 NE fan will admit to what Baltimore did to them. Holding up signs that say perfect? Please. you pretty much are a laughaby bitter fan of one of the other 29 teams spouting a lot of useless hot air. Ahh the class of New Englanders. Forget the 16-0, you got your ass whipped by a 4-11 team and only got the W because of 2 do overs. You call that perfect? Does it hurt that bad? It's a game bro, geez, do you want to kick my ass because my opinion is different? Jets twice, Dolphins twice, Bills twice. Perfect? Come on. Gimme wins against 2 teams not in the Playoffs and 1 against a wild card team. The greatest of all time? You're killing me and actually embarrassing yourself.

posted by Footballcrew at 05:16 AM on December 30, 2007

Patriots are perfect 16-0

The Giants have found a way to beat the Pats, as did the Ravens and the Eagles. As I stated in previous threads, Baltimore did make it work. Baltimore beat themselves. The Pats got a freebie and their fans will take it and call it "perfect". Ugly. 16-0*. Again manhandled by a wild card team, good luck against Indy, you're going to need it.

posted by Footballcrew at 03:05 AM on December 30, 2007

Records in sight after Patriots move to 15-0

GOAT arguments are simply that - arguments. No unanimous decisions can be reached. Thank you for at least conceding that this argument was/is going on. You might want to make your counterpart aware of it. He/she still thinks I'm making reference to the Redskins.( while accusing me of not typing complete sentences). Wow.

posted by Footballcrew at 08:43 PM on December 27, 2007

Records in sight after Patriots move to 15-0

Can't answer my question, huh? that's okay, I'll answer yours. I don't see anyone saying "this team should be considered the greatest of all time IF". posted by lil_brown_bat at 2:57 PM CST on December 27 Hate to quibble, but if they complete the perfect season with a 19-0 record, how exactly could you argue they aren't the most dominant team in history? It's still very much a big "if", but "if" they win against the Giants on Saturday and again in the Superbowl, they'd be all but inarguably the most dominant/greatest single-season team in history posted by Hal Incandenza at 8:01 PM CST on December 24 Am I the only 1 who read this? Complete sentences, blah blah blah... Next time read the entire thread before you pull the normal -pile on the new member- because we disagree crap. This is the 2nd thing you have been totally wrong about but who's counting. Every one else knew i meant defensive coordinator calling a time out, you thought I meant Washington DC. Are you even aware of what the topic is here, or were you just trolling around looking to jump into something and make yourself look foolish? (Washington DC, hilarious). Man, the folks at Meta were right.

posted by Footballcrew at 08:33 PM on December 27, 2007

Records in sight after Patriots move to 15-0

I'm not sure where to begin with you lil brown.. . You seem to fit right in with what seems to be going on here. DC- Defensive coordinator, yes I'm sure my facts are straight. I wasn't discussing their current records. I was discussing calling them the greatest of all time if if if. Did you just call me stupid for participating in a discussion...while you're participating in the discussion? I meant suggesting they are the best of all time, before it's time was pretty much stupid if they in fact lose to NY. So you find it prudent to call me stupid for pointing this out? The definition of "manhandled" is subjective (and, I suppose, often based on personal experience), I suppose you must be an authority misster. Do you honestly see no difference? Do you honestly see A difference with someone saying "this team should be considered the greatest of all time IF", and someone saying this team should NOT be considered the greatest of all time IF?

posted by Footballcrew at 02:35 PM on December 27, 2007

Records in sight after Patriots move to 15-0

Geez you NE fans are scary. You're like a crazed soccer mob. None of you are keeping anything I said in context. My response was to the post about "being the best team ever, if, if, if". That's all. In no way should this team be considered anything yet. They haven't beat the Giants yet, they haven't broken the records yet, they haven't went undefeated for the season yet, and they haven't won the SB yet. Why consider them anything? After all, how stupid will this thread look if they lose to the Giants. Seriously. Or if they do go undefeated (with an * next to the Baltimore game haha), then they lose in the playoffs. You can, in no way, consider them the best anything. If they lose to the Giants or in the playoffs, you can consider this the most useless discussion ever, that's for sure. Even if they do all of the above it still doesn't erase the fact that they were manhandled by 2 teams with losing records, with back up QB's. So, back to playing the "if" game. If Rex Ryan doesn't kill his team by calling a timeout (which by NFL rule only head coaches and players can call timeout, yet another gimme for NE) we wouldn't be having this discussion. And only for that reason, not because NE is the greatest anything, not because the most superior team ever dominated an inferior team, just because a DC called a timeout at the wrong time are we talking about this. To take luck and call it skill (the greatest ever) is the epitome of ugly.

posted by Footballcrew at 11:52 AM on December 27, 2007

Records in sight after Patriots move to 15-0

So did you go with "footballcrew" because "footballtroll" was already taken? posted by Venicemenace at 1:32 PM CST on December 25 I'm not to sure how to respond to this 1. You have resorted to name calling? I guess I'll respond with - you're ugly. Now let's see how much these 2 posts further the discussion. What's next, will you say "Yo MaMa"?

posted by Footballcrew at 11:36 PM on December 25, 2007

Records in sight after Patriots move to 15-0

You NE fans will do and say anything to forget about that disgrace of a game. It's funny to me. Manhandled by a scrub team. Hilarious. Look at how offended you all get when someone mentions that game. It's OK, like I said, NO'ONE IS PERFECT. (except maybe the 72' Dolphins). Baltimore beat themselves, you guys got the freebie W. Take it, be grateful and hush about all this "best of all time" crap. Didn't you guys get ahead of yourselves last year and not even make the SB? Don't count your eggs until they are scrambled. The playoffs have not started yet, and someone called this team the best of all time, "if , if , if". Please. So I played the if game and pointed out the obvious, you didn't beat Baltimore, they gave you a W. Does it bother you NE fans that much to not be perfect? After all, 14-2 isn't that bad.

posted by Footballcrew at 11:40 AM on December 25, 2007

Records in sight after Patriots move to 15-0

Please stop? They always said the truth hurts. And the truth is, you guys got beat that day by a 4-11 team. A couple of weeks before that you got all you could handle from a 7-8 team. Answer this one question. If Baltimore doesn't call time out, would you be undefeated? The answer is no, and everyone in the football world knows it. BTW, I didn't start the what if game, your fellow Boston fan did. It's OK though, after all, NOBODY'S perfect.

posted by Footballcrew at 09:40 AM on December 25, 2007

Records in sight after Patriots move to 15-0

Hal, while you're in the "if" mood. If Baltimore doesn't call time out and beat themselves and if the pats don't jump offsides, everything you just wrote pretty much goes out the window. But I'm sure they'll "take" the win, since it was given to them. My how things like that get lost when you look at records. If they beat the giants, sure they'll be undefeated, but are they really? No, not really. Baltimore beat them, regardless of what their record says. The Eagles came darn close as well. 2 teams that will not make the playoffs handled "the greatest team ever" while using back up QB's. "If" the Eagles back up QB throws 1 less INT, the Pats would be 14-2, hardly the best team ever bud. Just my opinion.

posted by Footballcrew at 04:33 AM on December 25, 2007