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Oklahoma crushes Missouri,

What does not make sense jojomfd1 is that lsu's win was a bigger consideration in their jumping up in rank than OU's pounding of former #1 mizzou. Even though lsu's win over former #18 tennessee was on an lucky interception or two in the 4th. Once again a team hands the tigers a win. Kind of like how OU handed the win to CU several weeks back. If SOS is considered than why aren't the individual merit of the win/loss considered? Although I disagree that OT losses are less of a loss; that would be my special consideration. The college OT is a fair and balanced way to offer each team a chance to win. lsu had 6 chances to win; that's awefully generous. Regulation wins/losses should be scrutinized for how lop-sided they were. OU's two losses were in tough away games where either turnovers, key 1st-quarter injuries, or poor officiating affected the outcome. If the SEC is so much better than they should not even bother playing other conferences as they will always prevail.

posted by chuybakah at 09:38 AM on December 04, 2007

Oklahoma crushes Missouri,

The problem with College football is simple: there is no FAIR, UNBIASED measure of a team's rank. The Computer still relies on the ranking of the human system. SOS is biased as much as any other rank. There is no fair way to do this and therefore someone will always be upset but the outcome. I admit my bias in that I think the SEC is the most overrated conference and they never pretend to not be arrogant about their obvious superiority. It's sad when one conference thinks they are above the rest and deserve special consideration. The so-called SOS is soley based on opinion. Just like the ranking system is based on opinion. If you go by the numbers you'll always insult some team or conference. Yes, Kansas played a bunch of pansies but some of those pansies they blew the heck out of them. Same with OU. Maybe the SEC is so superior a conference that they need their own national championship. Maybe there should always be a co-champion. I mean if they're SO good we don't even need to see the National Championship game. OSU should just forfeit now and call it a day before they get hurt. The system is pathetic. We all know that. The system is biased and all the people that aren't SEC fans know that too. I'm tired of hearing about SOS and who beat who and who lost to whom. W's are W's and L's are L's regardless of how or who you beat or lost to. The system has enough parity now b/c of the restricted number of scholarships that there shouldn't be an argument of SOS and who's conference is better. The problem this year is b/c of the so-called SOS the pollsters, biased as they are, have decided an undefeated team doesn't deserve a chance. They have also decided multiple two-loss teams are better than a one-loss or a no-loss. All this is based on the opinion that certain conferences are better than others. This is further based on the fact that the SEC is the best conference of all; thus, LSU has the hardest SOS. It's all opinion and no facts. This is why in NCAA BB you see cinderellas and upsets b/c the opinions of men are often wrong.

posted by chuybakah at 09:26 AM on December 04, 2007

Replacing the BCS with a 16 team playoff.

first: B10 WHY IN THE WORLD would an original member of the Big 8 want to switch to the weak and boring Big 10. I mean they can't even count to eleven! second: the solution to r8rh8r27's supposition that teams would play just to make the playoffs could be solved by requiring that teams have at least 9-10 wins. third: the current system of ranking is RIDDLED with bias. I mean you have ESPN who has a love affair going on the with the SEC for the past 20 years at least. Then you have the constant dogging of the Big 12 since it's inception 12 years ago. You have long-standing hatreds of specific teams and long-standing loyalties to specific conferences. There is NO unbiased way of ranking the teams. Why is 10-2 Georgia #4? Their strength of schedule is only touted b/c they play in the SEC. So if you don't play in the SEC you automatically suck? It's rediculous! Therefore, even if you had a playoff system you could never have an unbiased ranking system to choose the top teams that would play for the title. At least the conferences with conference titles make some sense as offering an automatic bid for the playoffs. bottom line: THERE'S TOO MUCH MONEY being mad with the current system to change it. It's like our current administration. You don't veto what your party wants but you veto what the American people want.

posted by chuybakah at 11:00 AM on November 28, 2007