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9 year old with a 40 mph fastball, gets the boot.

Some people are saying safety is an issue. That is a terrible excuse of why the kid can't play. When batting, the only real danger is getting hit in the head or the elbow. Everything else has enough meat on it to be okay. You wear a helmet, so there goes the chance of head injuries. If parents are that worried about their kid getting hurt in the elbow, then they can get protective padding for him (or her). I'd say it's more dangerous for the pitcher, because if someone sticks out the bat, and makes contact up the middle, he might be in some trouble. Growing up in a very political baseball system, all this is is people being angry because someone is good. I remember when i was on my last year of the small field (i believe 6th grade) we had a stud pitcher. He was throwing upper 60's which was tough to catch up to. He was allowed to play no problem.

Also, the subject in which states the kid should move up. I'm sure all he wants to do is play with his friends. He's 9 years old, all he wants to do is have some fun.

posted by SkaB0t at 08:51 PM on August 27, 2008