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For The Love of Sport: Sooners Stake a Claim

Fact: The true character of a man/team is judged by the way that they deal with adversity. Discussion: Does anyone remember the OU/Nebraska rivalry back in the '70's? My take is that OU's is still in danger of "trick" plays. The "Big 8" used to run them a lot. I have seen some of OU's competitors who are behind in the spread by a supposedly insurmountably amount run "trick" plays with success. They still seem to work against the OU power-house. They don't work all the time, but enough for a good team to take advantage of them (Boise State). Please don't abuse me with a play-by-play with Boise State. I saw an abreviated version of a replay whilst floating around in places without HDTV access. I'll admit that I'm not an expert, but it seems like OU can get beat by teams like Boise State if they go unconventional. But in the case of Colorado, turnovers. You can't win on the negative side. Do you blame the coach? I don't know. I didn't see the game at my location. Bottom line: My thought is that Colorado was a "wake up call" for the Sooners. They have the capability to respond. As a (very) distant observer, the Sooners were not expected to do much this year according to the "experts." Scoring over 60 points a game may have boosted their confidence a bit too much going into this game. I have to admit, my confidence was boosted to the point of putting them over LSU, and equal to USC. Sayanara: I won't be able to see the games, so keep us posted. We love you guys back there. I'm a Sooners fan, but I'm happy as long as the best teams rise to the top. Well, as long as it isn't Nebraska. And is Mizzou going to get any "love" this year? Have faith in us and what we are accomplishing. The good things are not getting reported. They outweigh the bad reports by far. Didn't want to mix sports with politics, but we're a bit discouraged by what you folks may think about what we're dealing with based upon the report from the media. Armed Forces Network (AFN) is pretty good about giving us FOX News along with CNN. We don't watch CNN/MSNBC. I have helped build schools and childrens homes in countries from Djibouti to Inodonesia. We're doing a lot more right now, and it's helping the locals. If you vote to not do help via govt funds, then please send some charitable contributions. Bless you all, and go Sooners and KC Chiefs!!!

posted by NavyChop at 09:27 AM on October 04, 2007