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NFL Exec: Terrell Owens is Done

Little trade value? Could it also be because he has a history of throw QBs under the bus? (they're still getting the tire prints off of Tony Romo's back) I refer you to the game (not sure of the opponent) when his consecutive-game reception streak ended. His attitude during the post-game press conference should have turned off every football fan.

w.t.f are u talking about?? tony romo is highly overrated and people are seeing that now that t.o. is gone. dallas cannot continue to use him as an excuse for ROMO'S inability to get the job done. yeah his attitude was not great at the press conference,but what was he supposed to do?? anything that would have came out of his mouth would have gotten twisted and turned into a controversy. so he is in a no win situation now he is damned if he do and damned if he doesn't.

his best days are past him now. i think he is about 36 or something close to that. on a good team he would be best as a number two or three option. his days as being a number 1 are over.

posted by rageagainstthemachine at 01:07 PM on October 24, 2009

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Earns Unanimous Decision Over Juan Manuel Marquez

best pound for pound boxer. floyd should beat manny if manny can get past cotto.

posted by rageagainstthemachine at 11:36 AM on September 20, 2009

Boxing Promoter Bob Arum Slams Mixed Martial Arts

you dont see mma guys bashing boxing?? i have seen plenty of mma guys especially dana white bash boxing every chance that they get. there is enough room for boxing and mma fans.people need to stop this nonsense about which sport is better. it takes great skill to be good at both of them.

posted by rageagainstthemachine at 11:38 AM on September 12, 2009

Lions Stun Bears With Record 4th Quarter

ricardo i dont need nor did i ask for your help.apoch u take this posting shit way to serious.black hand go to the nfl home page and you will see for your self that the bears did not have any of its starters in the secondary.like i said it does not matter how i spell the words.for anyone that has a problem with my spelling or my use of terms get a life.really i dont care one way or the other if u understand me or not.only reason any of u pointed out anything is because you know i am right about the lions not being that great of a team.since you cant come up with a defense for your sorry ass team, you attack me instead.well good i say keep attacking losers, if it makes u happy.and for those that want to know i dont have a favorite team i am just a fan of the game itself.

posted by rageagainstthemachine at 11:26 AM on October 02, 2007

Lions Stun Bears With Record 4th Quarter

you right i have bad grammar.so what it doesnt matter because i am not in school anymore and i bet that most of you morons that had a problem with how i spelled the words or the words that i used probably used a dictionary or spell check to get your words right.i stand by my statement that the lions are not for real.it took them 3 quarters to expose a team that did not have one of its starters in the secondary.and was missing the best olb in the game today.hate to break it to you lion fans but if your team makes it to the playoffs they will be done in the first round.you dont go far in the playoffs with out a running game.kevin jones is not himself and tatum bell is a joke.

posted by rageagainstthemachine at 01:50 AM on October 02, 2007

More Trouble For Vick

so the fuck what he smoked some weed.it really pisses me off that people say that he should go to jail over this stuff.most of the so called law makers have skeletons in there closets also.but i guess in there case its always do as i say and dont do as i do.so what he had a dog fighting ring.why is that any different from cock fighting and hunting??i mean in cock fighting they tye razor blades on the feet.now how gruesome is that.in hunting animals dont even see it coming,just some guy with a rifle killing the animal for sport.in all of these instances the animals suffer. so why is dog fighting supposely the worst of the worst?

posted by rageagainstthemachine at 07:02 AM on October 01, 2007

Lions Stun Bears With Record 4th Quarter

umm has everyone forgot that the whole starting secondary was out for the bears and also lance briggs didnt play.i think the bears did a hell of a job holding them in check for 3 quarters.just goes to show that the lions can put up points quickly for the first time in there history,but i am not convinced that they are for real.they should have dominated the bears offensively from start to finish. lions are the nfl feel good team of the season.nfl seems to have one every year now.they will suck again by next season just like the saints suck now.

posted by rageagainstthemachine at 06:36 AM on October 01, 2007