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After almost 30 years, Thurman Munson still has a place in Yankee history.

I'm sure the Yankees will have a locker for Thurman in their locker room when they move, if not they should honor him with a plaque or statue

posted by Awwgood at 10:59 PM on February 15, 2008

Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

New England has been cheating along time, and the leauge knew about it and did nothing. I am so glad they got beat in the super bowl game, I guess they came up one tape short

posted by Awwgood at 10:57 PM on February 15, 2008

Bonds will boycott HOF

Barry hasn't been caught doing anything! I will bet that 99.9% of all pitchers are taking some type of steroid. Ask to older pitchers who are close to 40 and stll throwing in the 90's. But we don't want to talk about that.

posted by Awwgood at 03:42 AM on November 05, 2007

Judge Hits Andy Reid Out of Bounds

This is a classic case of parents being in denile. Unfortunately it happens often in rich homes, not all, but alot. Ask the hilton's and spears, and lohan families. The are the celebrity role models for addicts. Not to pick on women, but what was the wife doing in the early years, being the care taker for her kids while her husband was coaching, teaching these boys? I hear people say kids do what they see not what they are told.

posted by Awwgood at 03:37 AM on November 05, 2007

Training Through Pregnancy to Be Fastest Mom

The only natural thing about child birth is that it can take up to 9 months. This doesn't mean the body is ok just because you just gave birth. You need rest afterwards so the body can heal itself internally. In my opinion, that woman is nuts, but we live in a society where people like to take stupid chances. She is fortunate she didn't lose the child. Im sure if she has another race and doesn't have a sitter, she will have the child dangling on her back while she runs. P.S.....If you do run with the child on your back, make sure you have some pampers and a extra bottle of milk with you, so you can pull over at the many diaper changing stations along the race route.

posted by Awwgood at 03:28 AM on November 05, 2007

Marathoner Ryan Shay Dies During Olympic Trials

This is a tragedy. To die doing something you love is real tough. My prayers go out for the family and friends

posted by Awwgood at 03:07 AM on November 05, 2007

New England By the Numbers

I root for anyone who plays against the Patriots. The Colts basically folded in he end. But season play and playoffs are totally different, ask the Colts what happened 2 years ago.

posted by Awwgood at 03:03 AM on November 05, 2007

Navy Beats Notre Dame In Triple Overtime

GO NAVY!!!!! GO "any team" who plays the Irish. Besides the more games Charlie Weis loses, the longer Notre Dame etends his contract. If you think im joking call Ty Willinham, who didn't have a losing record, and ask him how long did he stay in Souh Bend? Things to make you go Hmmmm.

posted by Awwgood at 02:56 AM on November 05, 2007

A-Rod a Mud Hen?

A-Rod isn't worth 350 million. Especially when it comes down to performing in the playoffs. You can add alot of piecec with that kind of money. Spread that money around and that will put the Yankees over the top, just ask the Detroit Tigers.

posted by Awwgood at 02:37 AM on November 05, 2007

Rockies Going to World Series

I wish it was the cubs, but I'm happy for colorado, especially Helton he is a good player who just goes out and plays the game hard.

posted by Awwgood at 10:15 PM on October 19, 2007

Torre Leaving New York After Turning Down Incentive-Linked Contract

Joe torre did the right thing by leaving the Yankees. You can't make someone who dosen't seem to have had a happy day in his live happy by winning a championship. If you don't do it the next year then what, he picks up his crying towel again? You can only expect a manager is manage, not go up to the plate and hit for his players also. Try cuting your payroll and bring in people who can get on base with speed and then the power hitters can bring them in.

posted by Awwgood at 10:12 PM on October 19, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel Banned From Monday Night Football

Jimmy Kimmel is the man! I think people just miss understood him. I believe he was trying to get dialog started as to why Joe Theisman was not welcome back on Monday Night Football. The executives got salty and over reacted in my opinoion

posted by Awwgood at 10:04 PM on October 19, 2007

Hope Solo Kicked Off Team for Consolation Game

I believe that everyone here "assumes" that if Solo was the goalie she would've saved all the goal attempts by Brazil. I don't think so! Maybe Coach Ryan should have alternated the goalies in and out, but it's hard to block a goal that was scored by one of your own players. Let us not forget Brazil is a good soccer team. There are a few other points I want to make. First, Solo should have kept her mouth closed. Her comments did more harm than good. By making those comments Solo can't allow a goal or allow a defeat. Second, every person you talk to who is sitting on the bench, from little league up to the professionals, will tell you they should be in there starting. They will convince you if they started that wouldn't have happened to them....yeah right....that's why they have a bench so people like that can sit on it and watch the game. Last point, Hey Solo, do you have a gold metal? I didn't think so. Until then you have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do has already gotten you suspended for the rest of the tournament. I guess you can have a pitty party with your friends and tell them how you would have stopped another goal from happening.

posted by Awwgood at 01:34 PM on September 29, 2007