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Last minute rally moves Patriots to 12-0

Last night's Monday night game is another example where the refs feel compelled to determine the outcome of a great football game. How many times do the fans have to put up with this struggle for supremacy? After hearing what the Ravens defense had to put up with on the "just play boy" references from the refs (according to ESPN) is enough to pull your hair out. The Ravens defense is right, what's up with that nonsense? Suffice it to say the NFL will sit there and now start counting their penalty money over a situation they have yet to control themselves - their refs getting out of hand, but yeah lets watch them levy out the fines now on the Ravens. Although I thought the calls went somewhat evenly, I am tired of seeing great games get determined by the refs on both the college and pro level at critical times. Enough already. BTW what have we become? Instant replay shows three millisecond frames of bobble on the winning TD and its treated under the microscope as a potential non touchdown/controversial play. Let's get real already. Refs, let them play ball!

posted by whodatman at 08:30 PM on December 04, 2007

Floyd Landis loses arbitration:

Anyone who knows anything related to the handling of laboratory analytical can look at this and see setup all the way. It's all about "chain of custody" and is standard sample handling protocol and is adopted as industry practice in the medical, environmental, and other fields relying on this sort of data. There were samples missing, lost and apparently reappearing again out of nowhere, which is what Floyd Landis' claim is. This being the case the "chain" of custody, something that the handling laboratory is supposed to protect was broken and therefore once this happens all sample data is considered INVALID! Other things can break the chain such as the samples not arriving at the lab at proper temperature to name just one of many, because this throws off the results. The knuckleheads in this arbitration would rather sacrifice the American to make this go away than admit they couldn't ensure the un-tampering of samples in this or any sport to save their lives. Looks like the French authorities here finally succeeded with Landis where they could not with Lance Armstrong. What a shame!

posted by whodatman at 07:55 PM on September 20, 2007