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Patriots are perfect 16-0

I also have 2 things to say about this game. Actually more than 2. 1. As a huge Pats fan, I was feeling really nervous throughout most of the game. I mean, that kick-off return for a TD. Where was the Pats defense? 2. I know that it was great of Moss and Brady to break their records. Congrats. 3. Wes Welker also broke a record. Where's his congrats? He aught the most passes in franchise history. And all he gets is just congrats to Moss and Brady? 4. What the heck was up with the referees? Why the heck would that penalty to Moss be fair. All he did was dance. And that penalty on the kick return was aainst the Giants. I thought that it was against the Pats.

posted by funebune at 09:10 AM on December 31, 2007

Baseball GMs Vote in Favor of Instant Replay.

I think that the instant replay can definitely be useful. First, in that Cleveland Sox Postseason Series, how can they prove that Manny did not hit a home run in Cleveland. Also, with Lofton out at second, what was up with that. A play that I will never forget that I am still very angry about happened when the Red Sox were facing someone who I forget the team of. JD Drew hit a home run, it was over the line. But, no, the stupid umpires ruled it still in play. WTF was with that. Also, they can use the replay for close plays, or stolen bases, or even fan interference.

posted by funebune at 08:27 AM on November 07, 2007

Top 50 Sporting Injuries

I have a serious one and sort of a freak injury. I'll start with the freak one. I believe it was the 3rd baseman for Cincinatti. Getting hit, I think by a foul ball while on deck. Rupturing his eye. I actually have 2 serious ones. I'll start with the more recent one. QB Trent Green I believe f9or the dolphins. He was trying to deliver a block on an offensive play. The guy got the better of Green. He is only 30. The injury is no laughing matter, it is the most serious type on concusion. Usually yu would see Grade 1, but Green has a Grade 3. It's so serious that his career could end sooner than he wanted it to. Now for what I call the most seious inury in football. It happened opening day this season between I think Denver and Buffalo Bills. Tight end Kevin Everett was trying to make a tackle. He cfell to the grund because he missed, I think. The impact was so horrible that he was carried off on a stretcher. Because f the injury, people were thinking, he will never walk again. Since then, he has made a great recovery. He can move around now. BEST WISHES EVERETT FAMILY.

posted by funebune at 08:51 AM on October 17, 2007