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The Juice is back

After a couple of murder charges and a 10 mph Bronco chase, this seems like a let down. O.J.'s geting old or lazy.Think bigger next time Juice! George Clooney and O.J. in Oceans 14....

posted by JNWV at 02:13 PM on September 19, 2007

Yanks' Shelley Duncan Crushes Poor Child's Hopes, Dreams, Future, Then Laughs And Sacrifices A Black Goat To The Dark Lords

Some people blame their kid's behavior on music, video games or movies, when it's really up to them to be better parents. So is this woman waiting for her kid to act up so she can blame it on Shelly Duncan because he failed as a role model? Hate to tell you lady but that is your job. Alot of the pros are not role models. Ever hear of Michael Vick? I admit that Duncan acted in bad taste, but was it really that big of a deal? Not "til Mom made it one. A handful of people would have seen it if not for Mom looking for media attention. "Look everyone! See how crushed my son is!" I'm sure she will want money for this tragic, horrible misdeed that this evil man caused her family and the whole nation, then auction the autograph on E-Bay. I gotta go put my bid in.

posted by JNWV at 01:46 PM on September 19, 2007