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Yanks' Shelley Duncan Crushes Poor Child's Hopes, Dreams, Future, Then Laughs And Sacrifices A Black Goat To The Dark Lords

hi folks....sorry for showing up fashionably late to the "cocktail party." you should be able to allow your 10 year old to get an autograph without having to worry what lame attempt at humor a player is going to add if the parent is going to "worry" about a player including the word "suck" on an autograph for her kid, then shouldn't the parent also worry about the kid hearing that very same word constantly chanted at deafening levels? how is that not hypocritical? is the written word more worrisome than the spoken (i.e. the yelled)? even if we admit that not all sox fans chant "yankees suck" or engage in that kind of talk, surely all sox fans hear it all the time. "oh no! what if he'd told little johnny the red sox STINK too! that would've been disastrous!" if the kid and his parents were yankee fans and were given the same "red sox suck" message with the autograph, would the parents have been "worried"? of course not. so to suggest that "suck" has some kind of intrinsic malevolence that folks should worry over is absurd, especially since it's one of Fenway's most popular words. (jeez, all this "suck" stuff reminds me of that classic jim mora interview....[scroll down]) ...a team that likes to pride itself on being the classy alternative to the red sox "huh?" indeed. as a life-long yankee fan who lives 10 minutes from 161st & River Ave., i can say in full confidence that the yankee organization prides itself on winning championships -- nothing more, nothing less. certain characteristics tend to attach to teams with a pedigree of winning. but saying the yankees somehow style themselves as a "classy alternative" to the red sox is wildly inaccurate and glib. for that matter, we're an "alternative" to 29 other teams not named The Yankees. and amen to bperk: shelley's job is to play baseball for the yankees, not to help people raise their kids....the only "example" he can reasonably be asked to set is how to hit pitches out of ballparks. that's part of the problem when people turn to TV for all their answers -- surely the role models must be on there too!

posted by rootsunited at 04:49 PM on September 18, 2007