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NFL folds Europe league, to focus on regular-season games abroad

Drood, you sound like an anti American from Europe who hates American style football. As for your statement about the "World Series," perhaps you should stop envying the US so much. If you'd block out that anger, you'd realize that the best players from around the world leave (or defect) to play in the United States. Only the best play in the MLB. Your baseball classic argument doesn't hold strong either, because no one cares about that exhibition tournament. The World Series champions did not play other championship teams. Breath my friend, and you'll be able to think straight. The United States is not your enemy, no matter how much TV you watch.... As for NFL Europe, it is a shame that it shut down. I think that was a horrible choice, since there will be so little in the ways of promoting the sport in Europe. I'll bet that one day something similar will start up again. The market is there.

posted by schultz at 05:55 PM on June 29, 2007