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Bobby Knight gets 900th career victory.

I totally agree with you. Bobby Knight is a molder of men in a society that desperately needs it. My generation is nothing but a bunch of soft, spoiled, cry babies. If we had more parents that would keep us disciplined the way Bob Knight does we would be a better society today. Note I said discipline us like him, not do everything else like him. The fact of the matter is, the man has won and been successful at his job, and turned out quality human beings that earn a degree and do something with their lives other than run through their money with drugs women and other useless things. If you don't like Bob Knight, don't send your kids to go play for him. Send em somewhere else where they can fail out of school, bang Bitc**s,do drugs and learn how to go pro (for a few years). I would rather my kid learn a good foundation of the game and leave the program a better man.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 07:07 AM on January 18, 2008

For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

Hey clemsontigersfanatic, the 2nd place team in the ACC just beat the 8th place team in the Big10 by three. WOW, what a canference that ACC is! First of all, a win is a win. If you want to use the logic you just made Michigan lost to App St. What a great conference the Big 10 is. Its about wins. Look at the info listed on the page. The ACC is not the 4th or 5th conference. How many of those games against the Big 10 where on the road? Home field advantage is a HUGE ADVANTAGE. The point is the ACC has the balls to go OOC and go on the road.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 01:55 AM on December 29, 2007

For all of you talking about coaching loyalty, an interesting development ...

The Big10 is a running Confernece and that doesn't cut it anymore. They have to adapt or they run the risk of becoming an ACC or Big East type Confernece. For those of you that continue to knock on the ACC maybe you should take a look at this: Scroll down to where it says: Out of Conference Report- At seasons end The ACC is not a second tier conference and I think we will see this come bowl season. They play tough OOC competition and go on the road A LOT!!!! The Big 12 is over rated and the Big 10 SUCKS. The SEC is good but they don't have the balls to play on the road or outside the conference. The Big East had a solid performance but when you look at the numbers on the report you can see that the ACC is no laughing stock.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 04:01 PM on December 28, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

Guys I've told you I understand. I believe there would have been a better way for you to inform me but its OK. I will write in a manner easier to read. I agree it was harder to read than a well organized paragraph would be but that shouldn't change the fact that I have a good point of view. In short. You were RIGHT ABOUT THE WAY I ORGANIZED MY WRITING EARLIER. I WILL CHANGE IT IN THE FUTURE. Something you guys could learn is presenting a way of teaching or suggesting that is not INSULTING.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 04:12 PM on April 26, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

And it also has no relavent information. I apologized for the long paragraphs but if I can read it in an ADD state I'm sure you can as well. But I apologize for the fact you have to read to get information.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 03:24 PM on April 26, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

Clemson, if your goal is to win the argument by making y0urself increasingly unreadable, well I say congratulations. Don't they have paragraphs at Clemson? I apologize for not appropriately organizing my writing. I assumed that since it was a blog I was not going to be graded on my sentence structure. I didn't really feel the need to put that much work into the whole process but I'll do better next time. If you look hard enough there are probably some run on sentences in there too.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 02:31 PM on April 26, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

obviously to you, the average American is not a minority, but that's a whole other issue And I'm sorry but I had to comment on this one. Do you mean to tell me that the average American is the minority? Wouldn't that make them no longer minorities? I truly hope that you are intellegent enough to realize what MINORITY means. So no, I do not think the average American is the minority because that would negate the meaning of minority. I'm a little disappointed in Clemson because I thought it was a better school than your comments would indicate. And to comment on this one, I haven't said anything that is ignorant in any of my posts. Why do you feel the need to slander a perfectly good University. The only thing I said that was boarder line inappropriate was the comment that minorities have more benefits, and even this isn't necessarily an unreasonable statement I just do not at the moment have any way to prove it so I should not have stated it in the manner in which I did. So I apologize for that.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 02:27 PM on April 26, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

First off bperk I didn't say anything racist. Racism is stating that your race is superior than another. Secondly I stated that what Imus said was not a paticularly nice thing to say. And that is a good question- I dont know why poverty rates are lower amoung black people. But I can tell you I never singled any race out as lazy or wanting special privalages. I singled individuals out that are lazy and want special privaledges, and unfortunately it is only the lazy individuals that get the media attention. I have said repeatedly that I dont judge people as a group but base my likes and dislikes, again, on an individual basis. Maybe using your logic hispanics could say that black people are unfairly treating them and holding them back because they have a higher poverty rate than black people. Maybe culturally there is a reason black people are in a higher poverty level. Maybe it is because the way America is set up ( since it was founded mainly by white western europeans). Maybe the African culture was different than this and thats why the povert rate is higher. I hope not however because that would mean that the black population has refused to adjust them-selves to the population. And again remember this. The United States has done a very good job of creating minority benefits and I think the best example is that of allowing more opportnities for higher education. It is with education that one can learn better ways of accomplishing goals and can come up with better ways to fix problems. Do you feel the United States is responsible for conforming to the minority? I would hope not. It is your choice to live here and America is a democracy. That means that the will of the majority is the outcome of how a society is run. If you choose to live in America the laws set up are those that the majority of the population favor. It is your responsability as a citizen to adapt and figure out how best to succeed in society. That is what makes democracy so great. The people are governed by the beliefs of the majority not run by the beliefs of a few. If you are wondering why you are in the situation you are in, maybe you should look at how well you have adjusted to your surroundings. I dont think there is some conspiracy to keep black people poor and I'm very dissappointed that you think my wanting equal treatment for all means I'm racist. I was mearly stating that in some areas minorities (not just black people) do have more benefits than the majority and to be honest with you I cannot see why that would be so anymore. There was a time during slavery where black people had no education so when slavery ended there was a need to give aid to a race that had been setback because of an injustice. But slavery was over a long time ago and there are opportunities to succeed in education. Jewish people were exterminated during WWII and I don't see the Jewish population having poverty problems and I also dont see anyone making excuses for Jewish people. Why aren't there more Jewish people in baseball if the sport is only for people with money. Because it is not about money and it is not about race nor should it be. I'm not saying black people whine about injustices or that they are lazy or anything like that. And I haven't stereotyped anyone. I have stated that it is a few that speaks for many and unfortunately the few (white and black) that have something negative to say are the voices we seem to hear. And if I did offend you I'm sorry that you cant understand my point of view but I will not apologize for my right to have beliefs. I also have yet to criticize you and you have criticized both my point of view and made an assumption on my character. Both of which are off base. I realize that it is your right to say these things and to be honest with you your individual judgement of my character (while I'm sad that you misunderstand me) does not affect me nor make me feel that what I have to say is unimportant, inacurate, or morally wrong. I would like to know if these beliefs were coming from a black person with higher education because all of the black people I know ( and believe it or not I have several black friends) do not feel that the black population is at a disadadvantage or are treated unfairly. Most of the people I find that feel that minorities are treated unfairly are the rich white liberal popultation (which is really ironoic I think). But hey if you are African American and I have offended you I apologize as long as you can present me with facts that show you are disadvantaged and can converse with me on an intellectual level (white and black and Asian and Indian and African etc.) Because I dont discriminate by color or race. I do not however have a large amount of respect for ignorance so when I do converse with people I expect rational educated thought. And being from South Carolina that includes all my white (honky) friends. I don't discuss ignorant things with them either. So think I'm racist if you want to but for having never met me that is a hell of an assumption to make. One which I refuse to label you by yet.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 01:29 PM on April 26, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

Well, you are in good company with other people who don't think they are racist. bperk, is this your assupmtion that I along with most are in fact racist? I can tell you this. Yes I do notice that people that like to refer to themselves as African American are a few shades darker than myself. And yes if this makes me a racist I'll agree with you. But that would make the writer of this article racist as well. I do not in any way think black/brown people are any better or any worse than anyone else including myself. THIS is the reason things like this irritate me. I think on the whole America has dropped the ball on making things equal and the main reason is the fact that everyone contiunues to come up with propaganda that things that are equal are not. So there is this constant tug of war between the racist whites and the racist blacks and neutral America comes to the conclusion that America is still trapped in the Civil War. While in reality its not that there are that many black people that hate white people and that many white people that hate black people, but the ones that do make the headlines. And like it or not its the liberal media that continues to make things seem this way for reasons I dont dare to assume for fear of offending the UNITED STATES OF THE OFFENDED. Because thats what we have become. I'm all for people expressing their beliefs if everyone can equally. But do you really think that happens? If you do I think you're in a sad state of denial. It is completely acceptable to say whatever you want about Christians whether or not it is offensive. But Don Imos says something about the rutgers basketball team, (which I dont think was a nice thing to say, but is no different than anything said on 95% of rap stations across America) he gets fired. People need to stop being so sensative. They are only words and if you dont like them thats OK, but he should be allowed to present what ever topic he wants UNLESS we truly want to make it so that offensive language to ANY AND EVERYONE is UNACCEPTABLE. But until that days comes ( because its not here yet) get off the peoples back that want to make comments on the way they feel. This was partially my point in this whole debate. You see I made statements that the way you feel about the game of baseball was unacceptable and you got all fired up. I made statements that blacks were treated the same as whites and you got all fired up. Well, why is it OK for someone to say blacks are treated unfairly, but not OK for someone to say they are. It is an opinion. And people are allowed to feel however they choose. If you want to persecute someone for their beliefs you are saying only your beliefs are right, so we either need to accept everyones beliefs no-ones beliefs or make a national belief system (which was in place in the founding of this country as one nation under God). Which one would you have? Do you think about who you offend before you speak? You might but do you really think you can go through life without offending anyone? I dont think you can and if you could it would mean you had no beliefs ( which could offend someone as well). You see you cant be sensative to everyones beliefs because there is no national belief system. So dont be a hippocrite. If you are for not offending people and you speak your mind you are offending someone which is hippocritical. So we as a country either need to quit whining about offensive language or stop allowing people to speak (write, email, advertise) on a public stage all together and that is a rediculous notion. Just make it equal is all I'm saying. And for those of you that are offended because this has nothing to do with baseball maybe you offended me by making racial injustices an issue in baseball. Does my offense trump your offense, if it does I wouldn't be shocked because that double standard is what runs the United States these days.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 10:34 AM on April 26, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

And I agree with you Louisville slugger. Like I said baseball is just not as appealing to todays youth. And I am not a racist and I dont have a problem with black people. I'm for equality and people being judged on merit and ability. I haven't been burned in the past, I just get tired of people still saying that black people dont get the same benefits as white people because they do. I think when people quit making excuses and just work hard that America will be better off. But like I have said, we can't get rid of racism until we stop bringing it up everytime it appears a majority group makes a gain in something. I think that is just the natural ebb and flow of society. There are gains and there are losses for everyone and thats OK. Survival of the fittest people. If you want to progress it takes hard work, but it can be done. Stop making excuses and just do it.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 02:52 PM on April 25, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

"I think one of the points Nevius is making is that a Dominican kid can still get noticed by scouts, no matter a lack of resources, while a kid in the same financial circumstances here would be overlooked. So if you're poor and athletic in the U.S., you're not choosing baseball because baseball ain't choosing you." -- rcade How is something like this prove-able?Why would MLB spend more dollars to go to other countries if better talent was right here in inner city baseball? "Maybe people should be lamenting the lack of cornfed farm boys. If professional baseball is becoming a privileged only league, that should concern everybody who loves baseball. If the most visible evidence of this is the dwindling number of black people, I say great. If the Jackie Robinson festivities make more people aware of the problem, then even better. Any change in how recruiting is done to aid black people is going to help poor white people as well." -- bperk Why should it concern everybody? Again if you like baseball it is available for everyone to play. And again it is not expensive to play junior high and high school ball along with rec ball. And if the talent level in probaseball is as good as it is now where is the problem? Changing the dynamics of who plays the game won't change how much people like the game today. It has fallen to the likes of he NFL and NBA because they are fast paced leagues.Todays attention span in the youth makes it difficult for them to watch a game of baseball because it is so slow. "It's not about equitable representation - it's about legacy and generational difference in the black sports community. Baseball has fallen off the wagon for some reason This isn't even a valid argument "Why does it matter? Clearly it doesn't, to you. But some people care, for their own reasons -- many, I suspect, because it means that baseball is changing. Get over it people. Change is a part of life, accept it or get left behind. ." What they are saying is, "Gee, why are there so fewer African Americans playing baseball these days?" And this particular reason is the ridiculous prices it costs to play baseball these days. Playing baseball or pro baseball? I think the answer is pro baseball and that shouldn't matter as I have stated previously.The game is available to ALL.And even if the pro game isn't as widely available as JV and Varsity ball, ITS PRO BASEBALL! Not everyone is supposed to get in!!! Now, I want you to pay careful, careful attention to this point: all the above are statements expressing how, and why, the percentage of African-American players in baseball today matters to the people who made the statements. No one is saying that it has to matter to you. Get over yourself. This is the reason why racism will not fade away in America. Because people like YOU keep bringing up propaganda that appears that minorities are not treated fairly. Minorities get more opportunities than the average American. They get this out of a feeling that "we need to redeem ourselves for past wrongs." But this generation has made no wrongs toward minoriies and its time to make everything a level playing field.Put those who deserve it based on their achievements first. That is only fair. But we're talking about playing in the pros here, not some abstract love of the game. We're talking about the changing face of MLB, so let's just stick to that, okay? What is wrong with todays game. Can the players in the game today not play?I think not. I think there is an exceptional amount of talent in MLB. The game is just too slow for todays generation to pay attention to. yes, you can just go play in the park or on the high school team (which isn't free these days, no matter what you may believe), but do you have any chance of getting to the pros if you go that route? So what do they have to pay for in High School ball? Their glove? I think that is only fair. And I'm sure if a kid has enough potential his coach will find a way to get him on the field. And I dont know what the probability is of going pro out of high school ball but I'm sure if you have the talent you can at least get a free ride in college. Especially with the amount of kids going right from High School to the majors. And whats wrong with a free education? Shouldn't that be a desirable goal and ample motivation? The days of scouts traveling around to high school games and summer leagues are gone -- why should they do that, when they can go to showcases instead? Because if their job is to find the best talent and there is better talent in inner city High Schools why wouldn't they go there?

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 10:11 PM on April 24, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

OK little brown bat. Give me some clarification on why it matters, because no one has sufficiently answered the question yet. And to be honest with you it is really offensive as a member of society to continually see others recieve more benefits, not because they earned it or deserve it, but because of the way they look. But you see it is politically correct to give away things like this so it doesn't matter if it is offensive to me. And I haven't been repeating myself I have added things on to "CLARIFY" my position. And I honestly do not see where people have answered this question repeatedly. The best answer I saw is that "the population [is] being priced out of what was once (not so long ago) considered the national pastime." And I still do not see where this is true. Professional sports are for a select few and only the best make it. Not everyone that plays baseball goes pro. As far as playing goes no one is priced out. Recreational leagues are not expensive. High School baseball teams are not expensive. There are many parks you can go to with your friends and play ball. Travel leagues can be very expensive yes, but you dont have to play them. You can argue that in order to go pro you have to play in these expensive leagues ( I say that is BS), but if you are only playing baseball to make a professional living, I think you missed the boat and dont need to be playing anyway. The problem with athletics today is that too many people are playing to make it big and not playing for the love of the game. So if your argument is on the importance of going pro then yes mabe we do have a problem. But I think the problem is your argument and that is what I have been saying all along. The argument is flawed. Everyone that wants to play baseball can play and has the opportunity to play. Maybe not everyone can go pro, but isn't it supposed to be that way? This is the reason I am frustrated with the race issue being put into this. Because every child has a chance to play baseball, white, black Chinese, Japanese, Indian, whatever. Is it really a problem that some of them don't go pro?Is that really an issue of great importance? Cause I dont think it is. So why bring it up to begin with? Who is it hurting? Society?I think not. The game of baseball? I think not. Now you can clarify me on whatever you want.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 02:30 PM on April 24, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

I totally agree with the fact that there are fewer black ball players in the majors. You have to because its a fact. What I am trying to say is why does that matter? I am a sports fanatic but I still realize that it is just sports. I get sick of the race card getting played for everything. Why do we even need to bring this up? And how come no one ever brings up the fact that the percentage of white NBA ball players has drastically decreased? The point is none of it matters. People need to quit grasping at straws to find things to be offended or upset about. The facts are the facts. I dont see the US moving back in the direction of slavery or segregation so why dont we quit bringing up racial issues that aren't really issues? Just let it go so we can move on as a society because while you should never forget about the past you can't move forward if you're still clinging to it. And the last time I checked football was a pretty expensive sport to play and I know before the JV level you have to buy your own equipment. What does that mean? I just figured that would be something else to think about.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 01:15 PM on April 24, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

last time I checked high school baseball was free to play I dont know if y'all read this in my first post but this is the main point. No one is getting priced out of baseball. Baseball recruiters will continue to look at high school players and if you work hard ( which I think is a foreign language to much of todays youth) you will get noticed. So dont give me this people are priced out of the game crap because they are not. The whole issue is of no importance and is just another reason to make the African American race seem like victims. They are not victims and have the same opportunities as everyone else IF NOT MORE.

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 10:03 AM on April 24, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

And as long as some segments of America pretend that race is always irrelevant, we'll never get past racism What the hell does that even mean? We've haven't pretended race is irrelevant. But race should be irrelevant. When we start looking at people man to man instead of black to white and choose people based on who's the best candidate not who's a minority we'll be better off. The black race or brown race (they aren't from Africa so why are they called African Americans?) or whatever you want to distinguish people with more pigmentation than myself as, is just as capable in achieving goals as the white race. So why do we cripple them and insult them by giving them extra privlages? Doesn't that just say they can only get it done with help from an outside force? That is insulting. The day we judge people on their character and ability rather than their percentage of the population or color, America will be a stronger and better place for everyone. And we are Americans. If you were born in Africa and moved to America you are an African American. If you are born in America you are American, not Irish, Italian, German, or any other nationality. American! We need to look at everyone as American!

posted by clemsontigersfanatic at 08:51 PM on April 23, 2007