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The Hoser's NFL Picks -- Week Three

c'mon Hoser if your going by point spreads i'll take the Bills over the Patzies...oh, but add a bucket of wings, a 12 pack, and a butt load of alka-seltzer

posted by french-connection at 05:31 PM on September 21, 2007

Yanks' Shelley Duncan Crushes Poor Child's Hopes, Dreams, Future, Then Laughs And Sacrifices A Black Goat To The Dark Lords

either the Bambino is rolling over in his grave laughing his butt off...or Ted Williams is to do the same wanting to tear that ass clown a new one.

posted by french-connection at 06:05 PM on September 17, 2007

Teixeira traded to Atlanta

i'm a resident of the metroplex here in north Tex. been a Ranger fan for you know my pain...but this needed to be done.Teixeira is an awsome player...the Braves got a great one they want to unload you think Michael Young would have signed a longterm contract if he saw this coming?...i think not...the Rangers will once again suck for the far future...bottom line...they cant sign great "GO" Braves!

posted by french-connection at 06:21 PM on July 30, 2007

Patriots Linebacker Missing in Lake

this is terrible...and after 24 hours of rescue gone unfinished seems very grim..god bless him and his family.

posted by french-connection at 01:34 PM on May 28, 2007

Devils fire Julien

Thanks Ying Yang...let the hockey gods of chess continue!

posted by french-connection at 08:26 PM on April 02, 2007

Devils fire Julien

This also gets a big wtf from me. Since when does a coach get fired for being successful?, i'm a true blue Sabres fan, but also have always enjoyed the Devils. i was predicting those two teams in the conference finals...but now i dont know. Talk about killing a teams psych right before the playoffs. I wish them the best, and still hope to see them in the playoffs.

posted by french-connection at 06:27 PM on April 02, 2007

New team, new start for Ravens' McGahee

Bravo dyams, as a life long fan of the Bills i couldn't agree with you more. I knew that draft day he wouln't complete his contract with Buffalo. With the exception of Kelly...who is god in Buffalo...i dont see Marv Levy drafting anymore "U" of Miami players as long as he is there...they tend to have attitudes.

posted by french-connection at 10:45 AM on March 27, 2007

"The Snake" sheds his career.

chicobangs...stfu..i aint here to yell suzie, it's an open forum right?...if you dont like my opinions dont read them..i read the rules, i no what to say and what not to say...christ it's peeps like you on every forum who like to talk political bull that annoys me..hey, if i get banned for posting this, so be it..but i will not be intimadated by whiners like you...i love sports and i talk about them.

posted by french-connection at 07:07 PM on March 13, 2007

"The Snake" sheds his career.

every body but The_Black_Hand...hell every team you like i hate...grew up in Buffalo....those punk Canes beat us last year becaude we had 5 starters out...and as for the Dolphins! Buffalo your raised to hate the i can give a rats ass what you thought of my opinion.

posted by french-connection at 06:09 PM on March 12, 2007

"The Snake" sheds his career.

wow guess i opened a can of worms here eh, i just gave "my own" opinion sorry it offended some of you.

posted by french-connection at 06:03 PM on March 12, 2007

"The Snake" sheds his career.

Why bother wasting ink space on this loser...he's a never-was..go play hand-ball'll be a loser at that too..i'm sure no tears are being shed in Tampa or Denver, the league is better off without you...enjoy the "real" work force now !

posted by french-connection at 08:06 PM on March 11, 2007

What would you chop a finger off for?

guess i'd cut mine off after sticking it up any of Rosie O'donnell's trying to lighten it up guys.

posted by french-connection at 07:31 PM on March 06, 2007

The "old NHL" lives on.

every team in this league is gunning for the Sabres....trying to knock them out...guess what...we aint going away!

posted by french-connection at 02:04 PM on February 24, 2007