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The Unkindest Cut of All

I have to agree with "Dusted"this has to be about the craziest thing I have ever heard of right before a Game especially the Superbowl....Instant Karma should prevail I also give one here to the Eagles scorecard.

posted by hairwizard at 08:41 AM on February 03, 2005

The Unkindest Cut of All

Yeah, what's up with that? I don't understand it.But, then again, with Bill Bilichick what's there to understand.

posted by hairwizard at 09:09 AM on February 02, 2005

Emmitt Smith will be retiring today

Emmitt Smith is still one of the Best Running Backs of all time and nobody can take that away from him....Houston Texans Fan.....

posted by hairwizard at 10:25 AM on February 01, 2005

Eagles sign Walter Mitty Jeff Thomason to play in Super Bowl.

Hey Joey M. good choice for hero of the week.....I do really think he will make a difference for the Eagles come superbowl Sunday. Just enough to let the air out of the Patriots balloon. I am looking forward for a really good game.

posted by hairwizard at 09:43 AM on January 31, 2005

Eagles sign Walter Mitty Jeff Thomason to play in Super Bowl.

High Fly the Eagles....Well, much to everyones suprise they are in the Superbowl.And beleive you me,there is alot of suprises coming forth for the Patriots.Andy,has'nt brought this team this far to play ball control.And adding Jeff was a good example and I am sure you will see his contribution in a big game like this.I am not taking anything away from the Patriots,one of the best teams ever.But, Andy knows this and therefore,Patriots(Brady)beware of the Claws!!!!

posted by hairwizard at 09:41 AM on January 30, 2005