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"Say goodbye to international sports and most national sports"

Well mjk I never said I was right or wrong or if I wasn't doing anything to prevent or add to this problem. I also don't deny that greenhouse gases are on the upswing, but everyone talks like this is the only thing that causes global warming. I'm sure we all know there are hundreds of things that can cause this problem, but we put it on the back of mankind because there is no one else that can take the blame. I think that we should wait till we know all the facts (including things we haven't even thought of that might also be helping with this problem and what we can do on out part) and then take the best course that we know on how we can help prevent this so our kids and grandkids can live a better life. We all know that something is happening but I'll bet there isn't one person out there doing everything possible to to help trim down on this CO2, they just want to blame someone else.

posted by jedimaster at 01:00 PM on February 17, 2007

"Say goodbye to international sports and most national sports"

Sure looks like we have a lot of eco-scientist out there. Maybe we should wait till the real results come out in June, then the ones that are right can put thumbs in ears and wiggle the hand back and forth and say I told you so over and over.

posted by jedimaster at 01:52 AM on February 16, 2007