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Chicago Bulls fire coach.

Whether he is paid or not (and he is being paid with reportedly a clause that says he does not have to give money back if he takes another job before the normal end of his contract), it was a tactless move to do on Christmas Eve. But then again, this is the city where the late hockey owner fired a coach by slipping a note under his door on Christmas Day. Chicago, the home of tactless owners.

posted by sportsdeacon at 04:47 PM on December 26, 2007

College Coaches Franchione, Callahan and Orgeron Sacked

If nothing else, this year has proven two things. One, pro coaches need to respect the college game that is as different from the pro game as night and day. As Charlie Weis has found out, not everyone you recruit is an all-star. Not everyone you teach learns as fast as they learn in the pros. Of course, school course work and homework may impede on an athlete's learning curve for football. Two, if you coach at a place with rabid alums, you'd better win big, often and forever. Personally, I feel sorry for the coaches who work at the BCS schools. They are compensated well, mind you, but their fans refuse to realistically realize that no one team can be champion every year. Some years you're good, some years you're great and other years you just stink out the place as you reload.

posted by sportsdeacon at 05:55 PM on November 24, 2007

NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Pleads Guilty to Gambling Charges

Sports stations are saying that Donaghy will implicate up to 20 others refs who gamble with bookmakers. While they supposely did not bet on NBA games, can we trust that they are not in the same situation as Donaghy? The NBA has major credibility problems right now.

posted by sportsdeacon at 11:25 PM on August 17, 2007


Three points about Barry Bonds. Third, if indeed he used steroids, of which we don't know with any certainty, steroids until recently were not illegal in baseball. Second, I thought everyone in America was innocent until proven guilty. No one has ever proven Barry Bonds guilty of wnything. Even the grand jury is asking for more time (after a year or so of investigating) so that they can come up with something, anything with which to charge him. First, I challenge all the sports writers who are pooh-poohing Bonds' feat to match it. Many of them couldn't hit the ball out of the infield. Even playing 12-inch or 16-inch softbatt they will nto come close to half as many home runs. Just enjoy the feat and marvel at the talent it takes to hit 755 home runs when most managers are having their pitchers walk you two or three times a game.

posted by sportsdeacon at 01:36 PM on August 05, 2007

Pitchers and Catchers Report

There's snow, frozen wind gusts, below zero wind chills and somebody stole my windshield wiper blades. But pitchers and catchers are reporting. The inevitable march of spring has started and all White Sox hearts are warmed with anticipation.

posted by sportsdeacon at 06:47 PM on February 13, 2007