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NFL Won't Let Church Show Game

I did check the profile first. I've even been to Barrie ONT Canada and I know that Canadians enjoy a similar right to free thought and expression. But you all have a nice day. I'm off to church where my children will be forced to sit through an hour's worth of brain-washing (not that it will work because they will probably choose not to listen, happy?)

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 04:00 PM on February 03, 2007

NFL Won't Let Church Show Game

Believe or not, wfrazerjr, I understood what you were saying. I just don't happen to agree with the way you said it. The beauty of living where we do means that you have the right to say it and I have the right to disagree. The church in question isn't breaking the law. They chose to cancel the event when they found out there would be legal problems. I'd call that doing the right thing (a little late, maybe, but it is still the right thing). I can think of a lot of other groups that would have kept going, law be damned.

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 11:50 AM on February 03, 2007

NFL Won't Let Church Show Game

Wow. Catholic bashing AND equating taking children to church with indoctrination into Nazism in the same thread. This could have been a rather interesting debate, too bad. As it is, I've got to go finish my "hot load of horseshit" lesson plans for Sunday School tomorrow.

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 10:11 AM on February 03, 2007

NFL Won't Let Church Show Game

OK--I think people are getting a little hung up on the idea of "church". Church is a word that describes more than doctrine and faith. I doubt the church in question was going to hold their Super Bowl party in the sanctuary with the big screen television up next to the altar. Most churches have social halls, which aren't considered sacred places--just large rooms for friends and neighbors to spend time together. And the last time I checked, NFL football wasn't up there with having no other gods before Him. BTW, I think it's very interesting that the church offered to make all kinds of concessions to their party plans and wound up cancelling it entirely because they didn't want to break the law. I agree they were ignorant of the law to begin with (all their own fault), but I don't think we need to cast them as evil.

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 06:13 PM on February 02, 2007

Michigan St. to retire Cleaves' No. 12

I had student tickets at the MSU's Breslin Center--four rows off the floor and right next to the player's tunnel. Unfortunately, I was a student in the days of Stegenga and Peplowski and predictable first round exits from the NCAA tournament. I was living in Germany during the 2000 tournament and went without sleep every weekend for a month because the games were on overnight. I am thrilled for Mateen and have wondered why Izzo hasn't hired him as a coach for the Spartans.

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 07:15 PM on January 31, 2007

Dungy's true impact

I, for one, haven't seen any details about the reasons for his son's suicide nor would I want to. I think it's completely out of place for anyone to speculate on whether the coach's working hours contributed to it. My husband is an active duty military member who is currently deployed overseas. He is seeing far less of his children right now than a football coach would and that doesn't make him a bad father.

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 02:53 PM on January 23, 2007

Will Tank make the trip?

Can you imagine being the Chicago judge that doesn't let a star Bears player travel to the Super Bowl? It was never going to happen.

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 02:31 PM on January 23, 2007

One Toke Over The Line, Ron Mexico...

Oh Crap--when I added my middle name I became "Crissy Nova Scotia". I guess that can be my alias the next time I get busted at the airport. As ever, your Sophie

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 10:37 AM on January 19, 2007

One Toke Over The Line, Ron Mexico...

Thanks hawk. There's a link to SportsFilter on my Yahoo homepage--you're coming up in the world:-) BTW--I just read that Michael Vick is an AirTran spokesman. I guess that I would take the comp flights too, even if I was a millionaire.

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 07:46 PM on January 18, 2007

One Toke Over The Line, Ron Mexico...

Mike--I know flying can be stressful, but you need to find other ways to relax in public. I am a military wife who frequently flies alone with three small children. Ironically, we too fly AirTran (my 7 year old will be looking for NFL players on all future flights). I've been reading your postings for awhile now but this thread made me laugh so hard that I just had to join. Hugs and Kisses, Sophie St. Lucie

posted by Sophie St. Lucie at 06:42 PM on January 18, 2007