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2007 NFL Draft.

Honestly this is re-bloody-diculous....I can't even believe how brainwashed and blind people are on this Notre Dame Bandwagon that has posioned the earth....What in ALL of Quinn's games this year shouted " i'm a #1 draft pick"? Doesn't number one stand for simply AMAZING plays and having your BEST games be when your under the WORST situations? Quinn ONLY had good games against Texas High School teams (aka: Navy, Army, and Michigan State, etc..) I feel like i'm taking CRAZY pills that i'm the ONLY person in the world that sees Quinn as BARELY a servicable QB for the NFL. This cat is going to end up like Joey Harrington in the NFL and throw lots of interceptions and accomplish nothing......and HOW in the name of all that's good and holy did EVERYONE forget all that Troy Smith has done the last few years? Did any of you actually WATCH any of the OSU games? Hell, you don't have to watch the whole games..just go to YouTube and look at his highlights...the man is a flipping GENIUS in practically every play that looks botched and turns it into a TD or First down...Your telling would rather have Quinn on your team than TROY SMITH??? ...Smith is handsdown a better leader and talent overall.... It boggles the mind that people are willing to say he's the greatest for COLLEGE play , but all the sudden his 3 inches of shortness compared to Quinn is suddenly going to make him stupid and throw the ball eracticly in PRO play....Troy Smith is going to be even better than Drew Brees and be the next Tom Brady winning SB's....I just hope the Lions are smart enough to see that Smith is the whole package instead of taking a vastly overrated Quinn or just an "arm" like Russel.

posted by DetroitBBall at 01:55 AM on January 07, 2007