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Stern Rebuke Puts Mark Cuban in His Place -- the Stands

All true. Hey rcade, thanks for the advice; it's not grammar nit-picking. You're right. ( However, I have to point out: I was totally manic & typing really fast!) Excuses, excuses .... lol Anyway, I like Mark Cuban and if we would have spent that night together- ( we would have had hyper-sex) and I would be a little wealthier! LMAO ;-)

posted by SpursGirl32 at 09:10 PM on November 04, 2006

Stern Rebuke Puts Mark Cuban in His Place -- the Stands

I personally met Mark Cuban cool guy- highly intelligent and emotional.(We had a lot in common-being Bipolar!) He sometimes pisses me off though-sometimes he needs to be humbled and have some self-control PLease!However I like his drama and seeing him be put in his place,(it makes for good entertainment)-He doesn't have to have hysterics to be kind and donate to children's charity; he's so filthy rich-he should be doing even more if possible (which it is by the way).His charity is obsessive only with Dallas, Dallas, and did I mention DAllas Mavericks? LOL (He should do what I do when overly anxious-drink a brew, take a chill pill and just have fun with it and CHILLAX (chill & RELAX!)LMAO;-) By the way I LOVED the way Spurs beat the the Mavs the other night-good game.Anyway, Stern does suck-by the way-(laughing)Bye 4 now, Sweeties!

posted by SpursGirl32 at 06:43 AM on November 04, 2006