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The NBA is quickly becoming the new No Fun League.

Oh and Cuban Rocks!!!

posted by fengzi at 05:39 PM on November 22, 2006

The NBA is quickly becoming the new No Fun League.

The NBA is a business. And like any other business if rules, regulations, and policies were put into place then Players should follow. Do they or do they not have representatives who VI for them and their opinions in a forum. I know they do actually. Besides the fact that they can 'afford' to wear a suit does not underline the truth. If a boss, manager, supervisor, or president gives direction, maps a plan or generate the new corporate standards then they are subject to implementation. Same thing goes for clips. All of us over the years have heard the same disclosure referencing that ď... all telecast, reproductions blah blah... are the soul ownership of the NBA and can not be replayed without strict notification..." Of course, my quote has holes and lots of them but you get the point. Some may feel that I need to say more on this but I don't... It's pretty simple... I must mention that I do not feel the 'Sternster' is trying to exacerbate the issue by enforcing the rules. I understand that (and I'm not sure that some of you do) the NBA is predominantly full of you men who were pulled from a no win environment (poor communities), given and million dollars or so and ask to know how to mange their monies, time and professionalism without any guidance, mentorship, or any other tools needed to survive the long haul. This is where I feel the NBA has let the Players down... Reminder. The NBA Historically (for what it's worth and being an advent player myself; didn't say I was good) was held in high regard as a gentlemenís sport. For a long time, there was prestige in playing the game. Now. I know opinions are formulating around how the NBA has taken a turn and you are more than welcomed to share them. (Sounds like an interesting post. hmmm.) But realize that's not the point. What is the point is that 'Sterneruny' is not the only one responsible for the decisions made on all the rules. "Pointing fingers can be dangerous. Look in the mirror and do it." Officials... One trend I have noticed in watching NBA or whatever basketball is that the refs will slack up after a time. It usually happens after the All-Star break like clock work. Before I give my 2 cents on this, I'll wait till then... But their probably following rules and regs set forth by some entity as well. I personally think they suck but I'm big enough to look at the whole truth and not partial.

posted by fengzi at 05:38 PM on November 22, 2006

NBA Doesn't Monkey Around with Racial Heckler

Stick to the issue guys... (YEP, I'm a newbie) Fact of the matter is he (Hamzehloui)should have been punished for what he said. And black, white, yellow or brown feel there are certain words that can not be said to them from another race or nationality. (some feel strongly about this even within their own race). It sucks when you have a good joke and can't say it because it may hurt someone but it's fun too. Right! That's right we all have experienced the dark side but WAKE UP! And we should be sensitive (as in responsible for our own actions) when we say and do things that are stupid. And most importantly since most of you use the English language thoroughly, eloquently and explicitly know that words, whether spoken or written, are powerful tools. If misused communication breakdowns. If used correctly... well you get it... Another thing... And put Re in front of these words... Teach, learn, educate the next level of understanding to yourelf, your family and then your community. In that order... And don't be ashamed to stand up for what right. Truth is a personal perspective. Did Hamzehloui think he was doing the right thing? Or did he just simply not care? Who knows but I know and your gut feeling knows he was wrong. There is no grey area...

posted by fengzi at 05:22 PM on October 31, 2006