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Name: Ryan Smith
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Rick Mirer

mjkredliner makes some really good points, and i agree that john elway should be at the very least number 3 on most peoples lists. but living in fort worth (for those unfamiliar with texas it is right next to dallas) my entire life and the family in which i grew up has left me with a major bias toward troy. because of this bias, there is no amount of reasoning that could ever persuade me to change my opinion. this is the same bias that makes me think emmitt was better than the likes of Jim brown, walter peyton, and barry sanders.

posted by frhssoccer22 at 12:18 PM on September 16, 2006

Rick Mirer

I have Troy Aikman as the best quarterback ever, for several reasons. 1) Three Super Bowl wins, 2) won more games in the 90's than any other QB in any decade. 3) he was not in a system to rack up the yards, he was in a system to win. keep in mind he had one of the best running backs ever in the backfield, who got a lot of carries a game. so take out Emmitt, put in an average QB, and put Aikman in a system to get stats and there will be no doubt in anyones mind that he is the greatest QB of all time.

posted by frhssoccer22 at 09:34 PM on September 12, 2006