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Say it is so, Joe! fire the rest of them!

posted by phenyx2 at 06:24 PM on March 26, 2007

NFL Fans, Your Silence is Appreciated

So what....just do it as it is no big deal....unless you consider screwing the visiting team your just rights? I am more concerned by the NFL officials making up new rules during a fix the outcome of a game! like the Jax vs Dallas game....."picking up a flag and stating "it was not holding because the defensive player played through the hold!" now that was a BS call!!!!!!

posted by phenyx2 at 10:21 AM on September 25, 2006

Big-Name NFL Offensive Players Released.

Jeff George will be resigned in one week after the first game. This is a cost cutting move by the Raiders and was fully expected!

posted by phenyx2 at 09:04 AM on September 03, 2006