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Dan Snyder is Taking the WaPo's Season Tickets and Going Home

The little midget Synder is throwing another tantrum. Look for him to fire some secretary or security guard. How can someone so small in stature be such a BIG ASS.

posted by McLaw at 06:11 PM on March 07, 2005

Kobe gets rid of his rape case ordeal

I think tieguy's point is that civil suits are used as de facto second chances in trials nowadays. Yerfatma...your killing me here... a plaintiff does not recover money damages in a criminal trial. A defendant does not lose his freedom in a civil trial. IT IS NOT A SECOND CHANCE. The two trials are totally seperate with different burdens of proof, different evidence and different consequences for a defendant. A civil trial will trail the criminal case because a defendant will refuse to answer questions in a civil proceeding because the prosecutor may use his answers against him in the criminal case. It is that simple. The criminal and civil proceedings are apples and oranges. This is nothing new. Kobe's lawyers did a masterful job of ensuring the criminal case did not go forward. The police and DA were sloppy and outclassed. It is my opinion that the DA should never talk about a pending criminal case to the media. There is no need for press conferences. It taints the jury pool and prejudices a defendant. Unfortunately we will never know for sure if Kobe was guilty of a criminal act. Who wants sexual predators set free...I don't. As far as the civil case, Kobe's lawyers did a masterful job of ensuring his deposition would not be taken and the ugly facts will never be known. The settlement is loaded with confidentiality agreements and sanctions for disclosure. Kobe put himself into a horrible situation. This act of five minutes cost him about 4-5 million in legal fees, loss of endorsements, about 3-4 million in civil settlement and a 4 million ring for his wife along with public humiliation. If he did sexually asssault that young girl then he got off cheap.

posted by McLaw at 09:26 PM on March 06, 2005

Kobe gets rid of his rape case ordeal

Tieguy,you are the poster boy for the Bush administration's view of the legal system. Distortions and half truths abound in your head. Double jeopardy does not apply in a civil proceeding following a criminal trial. Dropping charges or a finding of not guilty does not equate to innocence. The civil proceeding has a reduced burden of proof and different evidentary rulings then a criminal trial. Evidence that is precluded from a criminal trial may be allowed in the civil trial. The defendant in a civil trial must testify but in a criminal trial may assert his 5th Amendment rights not to testify. Tieguy is your viewpoint truly "tough luck that you were injured by another, but get on with you life... oh you want your day in court then you are only interested in money." I will wager that if you were injured due to the intentional acts or negligence of another and they refused to pay for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages that you will be calling a lawyer for representation and demanding that they file that ugly money grubbing lawsuit.

posted by McLaw at 08:03 PM on March 06, 2005

Scoreboard, Freddie...Scoreboard

Freddie... it is better to keep your mouth shut and let the world think you are a fool then to speak and prove them right

posted by McLaw at 04:06 PM on February 10, 2005

You Eagles get off my legacy or I'll call the cops!

Chuck has the nerve to call the modern day players self centered??

posted by McLaw at 10:43 PM on February 05, 2005

The Oakland A's of college football.

It will take 4 years to determine if Charlie is able to bring in the recruiting classes needed to compete at the National Championship level. This year is a pass due to his current employment. The next 3 years are crucial for recruiting. I notice all the USC fans don't think Brady Quinn is horrible. His reads suck and his accuracy is far too inconsistent for a top tier program. He must be great in practice cause they play him. I hate losing to USC but certainly expect loses in the next 3 years. Enjoy it Trojans cause it wont last forever. Remember that winning streak ND over you guys from 1986 to 1996.

posted by McLaw at 09:33 PM on February 04, 2005

Mean Joe Greene, Meet Mean Daunte Culpepper

Duante is in a tough spot. Sounds like he was caught up in the moment. I agree with Grum and rcade. I do believe Duante should give the kid a diamond necklace with the #11 and some autographed swag. Interested to see the follow up to this story. The positive PR will greatly exceed the 25-30k for a single necklace.

posted by McLaw at 05:36 PM on February 04, 2005

The Oakland A's of college football.

He should lead the Irish back to contending for the national title each year. He certainly is saying all the right things and definitely has the knowledge to produce outstanding offensive stats but he really needs a QB badly. Brady Quinn is horrible. The lack of a quality QB killed Willingham during his tenure. I still believe Willingham is great coach. Charlie, GET US A QUARTERBACK, FAST!!

posted by McLaw at 05:23 PM on February 04, 2005

Local Columnist Runs Down Emmitt

When will players learn that they will never beat the media. The reporters will still be covering that game long after these egomanics retire. The players are not bigger then the game. They are very replaceable then forgotten. It makes me laugh when these huge ego players leave the field for the broadcasting booth and get upset when the current players treat them as they treated others. Emiitt will only reap what he sowed. He will never get the love and adulation that Walter Payton received. He has only himself to blame.

posted by McLaw at 05:11 PM on February 04, 2005

City of Brotherly Shove

Does that mean the ancestors of the Raider Nation came west via Philly?

posted by McLaw at 06:51 PM on February 02, 2005

The Unkindest Cut of All

Sign Steve Grogan...he should have a ring

posted by McLaw at 02:00 PM on February 02, 2005

I just lost alot of respect

An advertiser can not use a person's name or likeness without consent. By using Yogi's name in a manner that is intended to sell a product (the T.V. show) without his consent they have committed a misappropiation of his name or likeness. Yogi has meticulously protected his name, image and likeness so I don't believe there will be a viable defense to the tort. This is not a free speech issue. His name was used to sell a product which in the public eye does seem to be an endorsement by Yogi (which it was not). Yogi will receive "money which is just as good as cash."

posted by McLaw at 12:26 PM on February 02, 2005

Eagles Land in Jacksonville

my bad... lil brown bat..I retract my reference to you.. sorry dude

posted by McLaw at 12:22 PM on January 24, 2005

Patriots taste revenge against the Steelers.

Hal ..I wasnt saying Belichick has "little direct impact" I was knocking the media hype. See my comment about his tenure in Cleveland and the media hype surrounding his firing. He is a great coach and his playoff record 9-1 does speak for itself. He did not learn more football in between Cleveland and the PATS My point is the media tries to put a single face to a teams success or failure. I do know a Cleveland sports writer who a told a writer in my city to be thankful Belichick did not get a Head coaching job here because "he is a horrioble quote and a horrible head coach."

posted by McLaw at 12:20 PM on January 24, 2005

Eagles Land in Jacksonville

I am glad for Andy Reid to get that monkey off his back. He seems to be a quality guy who is able to create loyalty between coaches and players. It is going to be fun to watch the eagles defense against the Pats offense. Trotter just blows up running plays. lil brown bat-- shame on you for knocking the child who sang the National Anthem. I agree with rosey..the kid is an INSPIRATION.

posted by McLaw at 11:40 AM on January 24, 2005