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Pau Gasol headed to the Lakers.

Who have the Griz drafted since Battier that was ever any good anyway? They did get Rudy for Shane though in '06! This was not a basketball trade for Memphis this was a money trade...the current owner will probably have an easier time selling the team without the burden of a huge salary of a mediocre Power Forward. The new owner will be able to put his stamp on this team easier without that.

posted by hoytie at 08:31 PM on February 01, 2008

Austin trades in 'Rider Pride for Ole Miss

Tulsa? I don't get it. The OC at Tulsa was Nutt's OC at Arkansas in 2006.

posted by hoytie at 05:44 PM on January 17, 2008

Austin trades in 'Rider Pride for Ole Miss

Home school or not he should have made a call to Tulsa before he accepted that position. This will not turn out good!

posted by hoytie at 06:47 PM on January 16, 2008

Tim Tebow, happy to be a Gator. Happy to be the Heisman winner.

When Tebow won and went and shook Meyer's hand and hugged his mom and Dad he should have gone back and hugged that dim wit from Ole Miss and said thank you for helping me with win this.

posted by hoytie at 10:08 AM on December 09, 2007

Boy, 11, bags hog bigger than 'Hogzilla'

Uh ok...that was sarcasm....umkay. I truly don't believe there are many 5 year olds that kill deer...I think there are alot of parents of 5 year olds that kill deer to circumvent hunting regulations to kill more deer. I also agree that canned hunts are not as good as fair chase but we are talking about feral hogs here...and in most states they aren't even covered under hunting laws.

posted by hoytie at 08:47 PM on May 26, 2007

Boy, 11, bags hog bigger than 'Hogzilla'

Doesn't really matter if it is photoshopped or not a 1050 # pig is big. Rumple I would wager to say that the kid didn't get a "cheap" kill at the 2-bit game park. It probably cost a pretty penny ;)

posted by hoytie at 07:43 PM on May 26, 2007

Tomorrow is Today for Nextel Cup...

They should have rolled the damned thing out at Daytona this year and been done with it. That car is no less related to an Impala than the current car is to a Monte Carlo.

posted by hoytie at 10:09 PM on May 23, 2007

Dale Jr. docked 100 points and his crew chief suspended six races

Viper and Drood all I can say is if you don't like NASCAR on Speed then switch the channel. It is a simple case of supply and demand. A large majority of the racing fans in the United States don't give a rip if F1 is on or not, that would include NHRA fans that could also care less about NASCAR. Fox is in the business of making money and right now the money is with the post 2-18-2001 NASCAR fan. I guess what I am saying is unless you can come up with the money that the entire NASCAR crowd spends then you might as well get used to the programing that is on Speed now and enjoy staying up until Midnight to watch the F1 and Grand Prix races. RMPL

posted by hoytie at 07:25 PM on May 16, 2007

Dale Jr. docked 100 points and his crew chief suspended six races

I liked the way that TEI spun it "They (brackets) should not have been on the car and with Tony Eury Jr. away from the track Thursday during inspection, the error was not caught." Translated that says: If Junior would not have made his announcement Thursday morning and caused Tony Jr to be away from the track... Again another show of class by Teresa and Max.

posted by hoytie at 12:40 PM on May 16, 2007

Dale Jr. Finishes Race For Competition's Car

This had nothing to do with the fans...it had everything to do with taking 3 more points away from the 48...there were not enough laps for the 5 to pass the 8 in the standing but JR taking the 5 back out there took 3 championship points from the 48. Besides if JR doesn't get in the 5 car Sunday afternoon then everyone would be pestering him about the remarks Jimmy Spencer made about Kelly that morning. Also has anyone ever thought that he might have done it just to be a little bit more of a thorn in Teresa's side?

posted by hoytie at 10:53 AM on April 17, 2007

NASCAR facing uncertain future as it searches for its identity

I think the Car of Tomorrow is a good thing...the era of racing what they sell ended when the Thunderbird went away following the Atlanta race in 1998 and they introduced the Taurus. Honestly if they were racing a rear wheel drive V8 powered vehicle we would be watching Expeditions, Durangos, and Tahoes. I think that in the long run the marginal fans will fall to the wayside and hopefully when they do they will take boogity...boogity with them.

posted by hoytie at 09:54 PM on April 15, 2007

The 'Next Jeff Gordon' Begins His NASCAR Career

In just about every form of racing there is a minimum weight for the car/driver combination. The advantage a team would have with a 112 lb driver opposed to say Smoke is that the team has more "freedom" to add weight to the frame rails of the car effectively lowering the center of gravity of the car causing it to rotate through the corners better.

posted by hoytie at 09:27 PM on April 15, 2007

The 'Next Jeff Gordon' Begins His NASCAR Career

With all due respect, and remember I said with all due respect, I have heard the next Jeff Gordon several times and it hasn't come to fruition yet. Besides Jeff Gordon wasn't hyped as anything more than a decent rookie driving for HMS that was in the process of revamping when he started. So when someone says they have the next anybody I am skeptical.

posted by hoytie at 01:21 PM on April 15, 2007

Tradin' paint over control of DEI

She will give in, T is smart and she will realize that half of a whole bunch is still alot and that all of nothing is nothing. They will sign him and he will have control and they will still have crappy engines.

posted by hoytie at 07:01 PM on February 13, 2007