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It's MY ball, dammit!

Now you r. sox fans worry about THE BALL. CURSE OVER THE BALL THE BALL DAMMITTHEBALL, BE HAPPY AND GRATEFUL THEY won in your lifetime. U think the elders that hung on now can let go are worried about the ball. gotta go important, TWISTER IS ONE!!!!!!!!!

posted by themookster at 12:38 AM on January 08, 2005

It's MY ball, dammit!

let him keep the fu-----ing ball, i agree there were 40-50 balls, hey put manny's jock in the whereever the ball goes,shouldn't of taken a century,{almost to win. i want to buy thebetween the legs ball is that worth $$$.

posted by themookster at 12:09 AM on January 08, 2005