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Evander Holyfield

before holyfield fought james toney he said that he would retire if anybody ever embaressed him in the ring.james toney not only fought toe to toe with him he also beat him so bad that,that fight was the first time in his career that his corner had to throw in the towel to keep him from getting seriously hurt.i think he was between the age of 38 and 41 when they fought.

posted by 2005bmw at 02:13 AM on August 12, 2006

Pistons' Davis Arrested in Miami Beach

i agree that if a cop tells you to do something you should do it.even if you dont like that cop you should respect his authority in that situation.however what i dont like is the use of taser guns.we have no idea the long term effects of this electricity being shot into the human body.i know that alot of people say that it is non lethal but there have been hundreds of deaths by these things if not thousands.i dont believe that there is a such thing as a non lethal projectile being shot at you at over 60mph.a rubber bullet is non lethal untill it hits you in the right spot.i also agree that everytime a black celebrity gets in trouble they need to stop playing the race card.i think that it diluts the real struggle of people that do have racial conflict with others.these people have all this money and are used to everyone kissing there ass and always saying yes to them.then as soon as someone says no that person is a racist or an uncle tom.since when is standing up to other people a race issue?since when is standing up for what you believe in a race issue?maybe the hotel was full, maybe he wasnt dressed the right way,there are a whole lot of maybes that we could say,but if i had that much money and they would refuse to serve me.i would take me and my money to a place that would want to serve me.not make a scene so the cops could come out and give them a reason to use force.thats just f----ing stupid.

posted by 2005bmw at 10:48 AM on August 06, 2006