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Duke Lacrosse Investigation

Well, it certainly does look like they're not guilty of sexual assault - though perhaps I'll wait for the full truth to come out. There certainly was no good outcome to this story as the previous commenter pointed out. Still, it has been admitted that at least one of them used racial slurs. "Thank your granpa for my nice cotton shirt"? That's just not cool. So in the words of the immortal words of NWA, someone's guilty of being a redneck, whitebread, chickenshit muthafucka.

posted by confoosious at 09:04 PM on April 10, 2006

The poetry of JJ Redick

You guys are kidding me right? This is one of the worst poetry I've ever read. It really does sound like he ripped off Creed.

posted by confoosious at 03:09 AM on February 13, 2006


Has anyone seen those shoes? They're no original Air Jordans. Hell, they're not even the Bo Jacksons.

posted by confoosious at 01:13 AM on January 11, 2006

Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson, Elvis Presley, Alfred Hitchock...Jim Gray???

You have got to be f'ing kidding me. When Stephen A Smith gets a star in hollywood, we need to burn the whole place down.

posted by confoosious at 12:52 PM on March 03, 2005

Stephen A. Smith = Football Expert

Stephen A Smith was also the guy who loudly (as if he knew any other way) proclaimed "Men's USA Baskebtall WILL bring home the Gold." He is a blowhard who has the journalism skills of a weasel and as evident by his 3rd down comment, knows nothing about football. Does anyone know if he's addressed this yet? How did he spin it? "I MEAN IF THEY BOTCHED THE SNAP! ALLEN IVERSON TOLD ME..."

posted by confoosious at 09:41 PM on January 11, 2005